Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puzzle Piece

I can't even begin to explain how joyous I feel at this very moment . Yesterday at 5:30 I had my first class in the school of Psalmists (Joel Levi's Escuela de Salmistas) and by the end I felt like I had eaten a (spiritual) banquet . For a good while I had been feeling like the puzzle piece that just didn't fit anywhere, until I finally fit into place . I felt like for once people understood me and the things I had gone through...they could relate . I feel God's hand moving in my life because He's showing me that His purpose for my life was never on pause, He was just "provoking a song out of me ." I learned that I have this song within me that I hide in a treasure chest that God is trying to work out of me . In vocal class, I walked in a little late because of the distance from my college to the church, everyone was lying on the floor and performing vocal exercises . By the time we sat at the table and were told to pick a song and sing in front of everyone, surprisingly, I didn't panic . Thank the Lord . I walked up to the front and sang From the Inside out in Spanish, and then I got help with my breathing because as I was accustomed, I tried to sing two verses with four seconds worth of breath (not a good idea hee hee) . I learned so much and I am truly grateful . My vocal teacher made the treasure chest reference and said that when I decide to let my voice out that it will be of blessing and it will surprise those around me . I wanted to cry but I decided to contain myself...However I did cry during the devotional (a time of worship and prayer) because God used the man who prayed for me to tell me "worship, worship Him, He wants you to worship Him...You've been laughed at and the ministry that God has placed in you has been laughed at, but he wants you to keep worshipping Him." Well as you can imagine of course I burst into tears and was liberated of so much excess luggage that I had to let go of. I learned so much in this one day to last a lifetime, and to think that I'm going to be receiving these teachings every week makes me feel like just collapsing on the floor and saying thank you. I'm so thankful to God that words cannot express how I feel, and He's so understanding that He knows my words before I even speak them. I love you God..............................This new adventure is a process in the making and I'm ready to take it. With God, all things are possible and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I now am firm in who I am and know that God has a purpose for my life far greater than I can imagine for his ways are not my ways and he never abandons the work of his hands...He completes His purpose in you and puts you where He wants you and where He knows you belong. Thank you puzzle piece fits and this is just the beginning.

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