Saturday, October 22, 2011


Tenacity: being persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.

Greetings to all! So Many exciting things happened this week...For instance...I went with my mom and my boyfriend, Daniel, to a prayer group meeting and we were greeted by a group of prophets that had come in from up north. The older women who prayed for me spoke her prophetic word over me in English. She had a gentle voice and a polite charm about her. The woman told me that God revealed to her that I had a tenacious spirit about was a gift that God had given me. She went on to say that I gave my all in everything and wasn't the type of person that waited for doors to openI knocked them down. The prophet then whispered that she could see that I was a "rescuer" and that I was going to rescue many people...even animals. The last thing said was that I had to be prepared in the word so that I could know what to say when I help those people. Tears flooded my eyes and I looked up at the ceiling saying, "thank you Lord" over and over.I couldn't believe the word spoken over me. I knew that God had used that kind woman to let me know that I wasn't imagining things.

You see...the past few days I had been seeing these film strips in my head, or visions, of a youth rehab center: there, I was offering treatment plans for teens that involved learning how to play instruments, singing, and animal therapy. A few days before I saw this, my mom, sister, and I took a trip to the Christian Bookshop and I stumbled upon a book called "Hope Rising" by Kim Meeder that compiled various testimonies of children and teens who were changed through equine, horse, therapy. This book touched and continues to touch my heart. All of this combined made me feel overwhelmed in the good kinda way. I had an ah ha! moment and I couldn't help but smile at the wonders of my Lord and Savior! His plan for me is just beginning! Sometimes our surrounding situations make us feel like we're not useful but God uses these types of remarkably odd moments in our lives to say, "Yes, you're important to me. And yes, you matter!" I love you too God...con todo mi corazon!

On another daddy came home from Dallas on Wednesday. We were all so happy to have him back. The whole "girls night in thing" was so much fun but sadly, all things must come to an end. The day after my dad left, the three of us drove to the Christian Bookshop and bought a couple of discount books for me, a fasting book for my mommy, and a teen girls bible for Angie, which I thought was adorable. When we got home just us girls shifted on over to the circular black table outside our front door. The breeze was lovely so we took advantage of the nice weather to spread the word of God amongst ourselves as well as pass along a piece of yummy banana bread. It was super fun! I read over the story of King Josaphat: His army was handed the victory by God against his enemies because the king trusted in the words of God and praised Him all the way to the fighting grounds. They didn't even have to fight because God had given them the Victory because of their faith and devotion.

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