Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving: A Grateful Heart

Greetings friends! I hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving! Yesterday was a great day- I got to spend time with those I love and took many trips down memory lane with a very special someone. This morning I woke up and began to really ponder over the things I am grateful for and how sometimes I might only say thank you do God for those obviously important people and things in my life, but...I want to dig deeper...I have too. God's done so many wonderful things for me that might even go unnoticed. Kind of like those prayers that He answers that we forget ever asking. I don't ever want to forget...God is faithful! You are faithful Lord and you keep all of your promises. I just want to take this time to thank the Lord for those special and subtle petitions He's answered and blessed me with: they might not make since because it's sort of an inside-prayer type of thing between God and I but I'm sure someone out there could relate to some of these thank yous.

(Psalm 136:1) Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.


Thank you Lord for our first encounter. That day when you found me where I was and took me in your arms and promised to never leave me. Thank you for your sacrifice Jesus...for my salvation...where would I be without You?...Lost...completely lost and lonely, in need of You father. Thanks so much for placing me in the right place because many months ago I made a prayer to you in church for You to transition me and transport me like a chair where You wanted me to be. Like always you kept your promise! Thank you for being with me in those times when I felt so sensitive and fragile like a glass vase. I felt like I couldn't take the pain...I didn't want to sing anymore. It wasn't your fault! What was I thinking at that time, feeling like You'd abandoned me. You didn't. You watched as I helplessly fought to breathe through those agonizing tears and gasps of air. You broke through the silence, through the sadness in my heart and gave me once again a reason to live for. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving be the ability to praise You, God, with my voice. Thank you for accepting my life song! I love you for putting by my side my best friend on this earth and for allowing us to praise you together. When the notes of my heart and strokes on his guitar meet our worship becomes the best part of us that we can give You. Thank you because I'm not alone. Thank you because you've not only given me family in Christ to love but for the family You have given me that lives to serve you. Thank you for that day in the bathroom when I asked you for a favor asked as a simple joke between me and I- You made it happen. My parents were blessed that day in church. Thank you. If I kept going Lord, I think Blogger would run out of text space because I could go on and on. You've done so many things, oh so many things. I want to say thank you for the little big things that You do for me: Thanks a bunch for the parking space you had ready for me at school, You know how close I was to being late for UNIV and how badly I didn't not want to walk all the way from where I was "supposed" to park. Hee hee. Thank you! Gracias Padre santo! Many many thanks for helping me exactly afford that package of scan trons right before my American Heritage quiz. Whew! That was a close call. Thank you. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that you've given me to meet these new teens at the church that you have Daniel and I worshipping in. I just want to ask you for one thing before I go on and I know that You are listening: Please guard their hearts...they've gone through so much and they need you to show them Your way. They're willing to worship you Father but a pray for a complete transformation in their life to the point that they are filled with so much love that they no longer remember their past. Keep them safe always Lord...Thank You.
All that I have thanked you for father is just a tiny truffle of what You deserve to hear, God, but all of this comes from me and from the bottom to top of a grateful heart. Thank You.

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