Thursday, November 17, 2011

Worshiping Through A One-Way Mirror

According to Google, a one-way mirror is partially reflective and partially transparent. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit the other side is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not from the other side. We've all seen those old black and white or Lifetime movies where one detective interrogates a suspect while his or her partner is sitting in the dark room behind the one-way mirror. An Example would be the scene in Ella Enchanted, when Prince Char's  evil uncle is watching them both from behind the one-way mirror: He can see Ella and Char but they can't see him. A one-way mirror is a type of deceptive trick but also very useful for the one utilizing it. As a Psalmist and Worshiper the Lord has shown me that we tend to put on this act as if nobody is watching us. Sometimes unintentionally, but other times...not so much. Even if you don't sing or play an instrument God has still called you to worship, not necessarily by picking up a mike but through the way you live, what you say, how you treat others. Hopefully however, if you are reading this you do sing or play for God because my examples might make more sense to you. You see, God is searching for worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth and one thing out of the many great things I learned from Joel, my Psalmist School instructor, this week is that, "many are called, but few are chosen." If we look around our neighborhoods and churches and turn on our T.V's we will see many "worshippers" who have been called but few of all of those have been chosen. When many go to an audition a couple get call backs and then even fewer are chosen for roles. God's looking for those who are guided by the Holy Spirit and who listen to His voice. The sweet voice of God.  


As worshipers who worship in truth we find ourselves in that interrogation room because we are naked before the eyes of God because He knows us and sees us just as we are. He sees the depths of our hearts, every cavern He knows by memory. We can be playing our instrument or singing on stage, while we hide something deep in our hearts. Our faces may not show it and our attitudes might disguise it but The Lord knows, He knows and all He wants is for us to come clean before Him. Jesus is our lawyer, He made a way for us to have access to our Father and now nothing in earth nor in heaven can separate us from Him. While the enemy condemns us and interrogates us to bring up what we try to bury Jesus watches on the other side of that mirror and steps in to our defense right on time. Because of Jesus our worship is accepted and it is justified. He made a way. We keep worshipping thinking that nobody knows what lies deep within our hearts. Suddenly when people start talking about us and our brothers and sisters in Christ start judging us, Jesus, our lawyer, comes in to the scene and starts asking us to confide in him. He wants us to tell Him and confess so that He can defend us before the ultimate judge: God. We hesitate...we just can't bear it. Jesus, our loving and self-less lawyer, comforts us and assures us that He's going to defend us no matter what. It's hard to get up and sing Sunday morning or praise the Lord in front of friends knowing that you've messed up yesterday, but the beautiful thing is that we have Jesus. That doesn't mean that we're going to go all willy nilly and just sin uncontrollably  No, no, that means that we recognize that life is a constant battle but each day we have to decide to kneel and ask for forgiveness and for the Holy Spirit to guide our every move. The devil and the world is not our judge, God is...and our defense lawyer will never fail us. Thank you Jesus!!! Because of you our worship is accepted. Never stop worshiping but do pray to have your heart in the right place because a worshipper not only connects with God, but helps others connect as well. What are we reflecting? Like I said before, all of you worshipers out there keep praising the Lord in spirit and in truth. My respects and many blessings always.

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