Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello readers! This will officially be my first post of the year and...I know, shame shame, but I thank the Lord for providing me with time for blogging. What have you been doing Deya, you might ask? Well friends...I have just been worshiping, reading the word of God, and spending time with my family and boyfriend. I started the first day of the new year not just worshipping in one church for God's glory but in two! The Lord is faithful! So faithful that let me share this one tiny bit of advice with you: whenever the Lord takes you out of one place or allows us to go through the's always because something extremely better is waiting for us on the other side. If the Lord is guiding you toward something then I don't care how hard it is for you to let go and run without looking back, just dash off! Don't be like Lot's wife, just trust the Lord and walk away. Oh trust me when I say that God has something far greater for you. The greater the sacrifice...the greater the blessing!

In other news, God has placed in my heart to read the bible from beginning to end and to fast. I mean I just can't outrun the Lord...I have to and yearn to do this. While it is great to toss open the bible and read the scripture that I first see when the random page is opened, I know that as God's daughter I have to know the very words that my Father has left me with before He returns. I mean, what accounts will I give to Him when He asks me why I did not know how to minister to someone because I didn't know scriptures about healing or salvation? Thank you God. I know some of you reading this can relate and hopefully by the end of this post you also become inspired to take on this beautiful task.

When you read a book, how annoying is it if you start from the middle or end? You miss the big idea and you don't even know why this girl is happy or why that family is torn, and you might be wondering: "Who's this guy? um...hello does anyone know who Bob is?" Yup, this is why I have taken on the lovely work of reading the Lord's Word from start to finish, principio a fin, beginning to end. And let me tell might think you know everything about the book of Genesis, the beginning, but my friends the Lord always has a new revelation to give each and everyone of us. What He shows you might not be what He reveals to me and visa versa. So from now on I am going to dedicate my time to reading God's word and spending more time with Him so that I can share with you guys what the Lord is showing me from Genesis to the Book of Revelations. I am so excited!! Yes I will still be telling you of my personal life because as you all know the Lord has a mysterious way of tying things together. I will always share the word, my experiences, and helpful tips and advice with you.

 The revelation that the Lord gave me for the beginning of the year and the rest of my life is that to the Lord, our lives are a song. In prayer, I told the Lord that I wanted to be that beautiful and catchy song that He wants to always listen to. The melody that touches His heart! That is my desire for all the days of my life. Because He is my song, I want to be His.

So friends here's to reading the word of God together and sharing those beautiful moments in our daily spiritual and personal lives! All I have to toast with is a plastic cup of water but yay! Congrats and Cheers!

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