Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Is Contagious.

What happens to a flower that isn't watered? It wilts and dies. What happens to our pets when we don't pay attention to them? They wine and become anxious. In the same way this world, the people around us are in a deep need of LOVE. I'm not talkin' about any kind of love. I'm talkin' about God's amazing LOVE. Just today I was thinking about this when I visited a dear family member this morning. This four letter word makes such a huge impact. Can you say that you've really spread all the love you can? I can say that I need to get busy because God has called each and every one of us to reach those who are brokenhearted, sick, and in need. What can we do? Well...there's a lot of things. Call up an old friend and ask how they're doing, make lunch for someone, post a scripture on someone's Facebook wall, or maybe even take the time to just love on your family. Sure they're not big outlandish things but to someone out there they can make a huge difference. This is something I'm applying to myself and that I wanted to share with you all. It's important. I'm about to spread some love right now as a matter of fact with some of the girlies in my family who need to feel the love of God. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. How can people accept Jesus if they don't know what his love is all about? We need to be those vessels. So...spread the love! Just like laughter, I hear it's contagious. God Bless dear readers, until next time!

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