Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dream The Dream But...Act On It!

Ten? Twenty? A Gazillion???...How many dreams have you dreamt? How many have you accomplished or tackled  How many of your dreams have just died off? Our Psalmist class had a rude awakening yesterday when Joel literally bounced a water bottle off the table as he was trying to tell us, "Why is it that little girls are buying the Alicia Keys Biography, the Hannah Montana wig, or the Justin Bieber everything????" When he said that something in me snapped...this is so true? Our own generation is drifting away and it's almost as if we're just standing around and letting it happen! Most of us seclude ourselves in the comfort of our church's when we forget that the church isn't four's the body of Christ. Ouch! Maybe that hurt some of us and maybe it didn't but some things are too important to go unnoticed. We all have to wake up! I have to wake up! Joel told me, "Deyanira you have a beautiful voice, so why aren't you out there? Why aren't little girls saying they want to read your biography or dress like you? But instead, who are their role models." He's right. He's so right that it hurts. My dream is to glorify the Lord with my voice and life and touch the hearts of those who need the loving touch of Jesus. The world need Jesus! But where are we? In our churches. Where am I? Not out reaching out. All I can say is that it's time to shake the dust off and not just be a dreamer but be a doer. Faith without works is dead and there's a world out their that can't afford actless faith. People need to believe again, or at least start believing for the first time. Joseph himself dreamed and dreamed, and continued to dream but what made him special was that being the youngest brother, hurt, betrayed, and broken-hearted, he acted on his dreams. He didn't just stay locked up in a cell after they wrongly accused him...he interpreted others dreams and worked his way to the top! God placed doors before Joseph but Joseph had to walk up and turn the knob. The doors are there...we just have to act on it and do what's possible so that God can do the impossible!

So...what's your dream? Clothes your eyes and picture it...pray about it...write down what you have to do to get there.

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