Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Surprises!


As of lately so many new things have been going on in my life. Something that I'm truly excited about this summer is a worship camp that Daniel and Me are going to start. God put in my heart the need for youth to have something in their lives, something that will take their minds off of them and their problems and put them on God and His promises. Words cannot express how I feel. Oh yes they can!...Grateful! With a grateful heart I announce that our camp will be called "Lifesong Worship Camp." I will be teaching basic vocals and Daniel will be teaching guitar basics, well as basic as basics can get anyway. I really feel like this is going to be a summer that I will never forget. Thursdays we'll be having music classes at home and Bible study will be on Fridays. We've already got some students in line and I just can't wait to see their faces the moment that they make a connection with God. I still remember when I did. And from those moments and beyond I am grateful for everything and everyone that I have met along my journey because God has used them to keep me climbing up to higher spiritual dimension. I just can't wait!

Another biggie is the fact that I love the Bible: I insist on reading and journaling. I mean, if I must be a slave to something, I might as well be a slave to God's word. So far I'm about to finish the book of Numbers on my one year Bible reading challenge and then will go on to the Book of Deuteronomy! Sadly, though, the one year thing doesn't really fit in to the picture so much anymore, what can I say? I love meditating on the word so much and journaling the revelations that God gives me that time just doesn't seem to matter. Those midnight sessions are my favorite times because the house is quiet and it's just so easy to press into the overflow of God's Spirit. It feels so peaceful to just lie down and crack open my two books and get to highlighting. The fasting get's me feeling stronger and the praying relaxes every bone in my body. Who needs a spa, right? Love the gym as well! Kudos to my gym for making me feel so pumped every time I go!

Lastly my friends, As you all now, I also started a new blog that was born from deep within my heart. You see worshiping God to me is like drinking water and breathing air. It's a necessity that I'm wired with, that I just wanted to share with others. I felt it necessary in a dying world of worshipers to awaken something in my reader's hearts that would draw them into what true worship is. Forgetting about the me, me, me and recognizing Him, Him, Him. Opening our eyes to what we are allowing to enter our bodies and go straight to our hearts: this involves what we hear, see, and where we go. I'm excited to begin this new project that the Lord put in my heart because if I am taught something new, my first instinct is to share it with others. Enjoy my lovely bloggers and don't forget to post a comment or two! God bless!

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