Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Worship Expressed Through Music

"We're not singers nor artists, we're worshipers who sing which is completely different. Many are singers who worship because they have the talent but then there's those who worship yet can't sing."    —Kerwin Marquez 
God has called us all to be Worshipers: The waitress, the hairstylist, the professor, the janitor, the teenager, the child, the old man who sits quietly reading the daily newspaper, the musician, the singer, the dancer, and the artist. We have all been called to Worship God in spirit and in truth. So what comes first? First, we are worshipers...that is the wellspring of any other title or action. A singer/musician who Worships is not the same as a Worshiper who sings or plays an instrument in that, the one who Worships first is overflowing with the Father's love. The well of everything else is the love of God.  The well of a singer/musician who worships is their art in itself; their idol is their craft and only in the limits of their craft can they function. Micheal Jackson could make people cry, laugh, and dance but Kim Walker can make people do the same and through her the Lord brings true freedom, forgiveness, joy, peace, and liberation.

There is a difference between a servant who works for a Master and a child who serves his or her father. What's the difference? LOVE. Out of love a child will serve his or her father, while a servant serves out of obligation. Many may not know this difference but the distance between the two is huge. A servant is permitted certain privileges, while the children of the Master have it all by right.  It is the difference between singing beautifully and having a beautiful voice that is anointed and filled with the power of God that can heal and restore. When we think about worship we picture a pianist or a singer but a worshiper is a person who exalts the Lord through a direct relationship with God, where nothing else matters but Him and His sweet presence. This has nothing to do with being on stage. We are worshipers off-stage, in public, in the quiet. It's a lifestyle. Let us all as children of God, regardless of our talents or titles, step into this lifestyle and step outside of ourselves so that God can be seen. Our lives, CD's, Profession, or record labels are not about us but simply and wholeheartedly all about Jesus. Are we more consumed with getting our voices recorded so that we can be looked at, or are we here to save souls and transform lives so that the Kingdom of heaven can be established on this earth? If God has called you to record then do it, but don't trade the one who got you there for what is there. Is it possible that we are so busy trying to get discovered, that we've forgotten our first love? Where's that love that reached in to pull us out of the sinking sand, that cleansed, and that scooped us up without a doubt? For those that maybe thought of worship as singing...there's so much more. God is offering us a continual relationship that is a back and forth motion of love that cannot be bottled up nor contained. So much love that our bodies cannot stand. Not everyone can sing or play guitar, but everyone can worship. Everyone can offer up their lives as a living sacrifice. This is the type of true worship that the Lord is looking for. A paintbrush has no life and neither does a keyboard...we hold life within us because God made it so, and it is our life that He desires forever. It is our lives that He wants to touch and transform.


(Romans 12:1)Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.


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