Wednesday, December 26, 2012

<<<-My Spirit Rejoiced All Through Christmas->>>

I'd like to say I had the most amazing Christmas but the reality is that Jesus was the light in our darkness that made the holidays worth celebrating. Things are rough because of some of our ill family members but we prayed as a family and celebrated as a family with faith, declaring what isn't as if it is. I reflected so much on the love of Jesus all the days leading up to Christmas Eve and Day. With all our flaws and goodness Jesus loves us and takes us in so for that, for my born hope, I so so so so very thankful.


We came home from my Christmas Concert and Psalmist School Awards Assembly and decided to get in a few pictures since we were all dressed up.


Christmas Eve! Whoop whoop! I just had to take some pictures before leaving home. Once we arrived at my Grandma's house my family just talked and my sister and I played Loteria with our cousins. My sister and I hung around in my Grandma's room for a bit to escape and watch a nice quiet movie and lie down in a warm bed. Might as well get some pics, right?

 12:30 AM

Soon after my Daddy came home from visiting his parents he brought me my present and I opened up the bag to find a Bible and car stereo. My dad knew how much I'd been hoping for a Bible and he also knew that I'd really love to listen to my ipod instead of burning gazillions of CD's (A worshiper's got to worship even in her car). I just hugged him so much because though Christmas isn't about the presents my Mom and Dad have always had something to give us with all their heart.

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