Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear God, Where are you taking Worship?


It is almost the New Year and I know God is taking us higher and higher, wider and wider, deeper and deeper. How high can we go God, how wide, and how deep? Lead the way Holy Spirit. 

I have two blogs that I keep up with, "Worship Blossoms In The Garden" and "The Psalmist Journal." The first blog that I ever made was "The Psalmist Journal" and there I talk on a more personal level sharing the lifestyle of a Worshiper living my day to day. But here in my second blog I talk specifically about Worship and it's intricate branches in the secret as well as in the public. Here I write about how true worship begins blossoming in our hearts during our intimate time with the Lord and how that transforms our public worship into a living and breathing testimony of the living God. Though I hardly talk on a personal level here I feel to do so when it comes to Congregational Worship so that the presence of God can begin to flow in our churches. This is so important. Because what we do in our secret time with God affects the spiritual atmosphere when we join in fellowship both private and public go hand in hand: You cannot have one or the other, both need to be further developed so that we can give fruit. 
Our fruit from our private time is our actions and reactions to our day to day lives, while our fruit from our public time like in church for example would be how we conduce ourselves there. We all need instruction when it comes to both, but like the Holy Spirit has taught me everything first begins with our private and intimate time as our wellspring. Because I've focused first on our quiet time with God now my Spirit knows that it's time to talk about our public form of Worship when as a body we come together and offer our lives as a pleasing sacrifice to God. I know for a fact, because I thought this way also, that when somebody thinks of a Worship blog they picture music and fellowship but now that we've learned the true Worship that God is seeking we can climb and begin to nestle in between these branches. And to kick start our new adventure I really want to share with you all a blog that I truly did stumble upon..."I Will Worship My King". If you are like me over here and have been called to be a Psalmist, Worship Minister, leader, or anything that falls in a praise and worship label then you will love Mrs. Jennie Lee's blog! I personally read from oldest posts to latest because she details her experiences at the "Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry" and after. I know that many churches do not move in the full power of the Spirit of God but where better to start than within our own hearts? Before we can impact others we must first let God impact us with the totality of who He is. I'm so excited for what God is doing and I am in a complete mode of expectancy. If anyone has any questions about anything be sure to let me know but very soon I will be going into deeper detail of my experiences from past to present, from where I started to where God has placed me now. God is more than good! 

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