Thursday, December 6, 2012

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We express our love to and for God in so many various ways: some of us sing, others play an instrument, there are those who dance, paint or draw, bake, journal, exercise  eat healthy, or maybe even volunteer. Whether it be through the arts or through our every day work this all comes together, our life is our ultimate worship. We say to God, "I love you," with every brush stroke of a paint brush, through every heart felt song, and with kind smiles between strangers. Looking more closely at the two kinds of worship that we know of, the most common is congregational "worship", the kind that we see at church, and then there's  the type of worship that we've been called to live by Jesus. Really there is only one kind. Somewhere along the way churches began to refer to certain types of songs as Worship when these songs are simply an expression of our Worship: 

"the act of giving love to God...bowing down, kneeling, and lifting hands."
                    —John and Carol Wimber

In church or in any other form of fellowship we all come together and "worship." Growing up, any time the word worship was mentioned I knew it was time for the closing of eyes, slower music, and the raising of hands. This was what I thought worship was, that is, until I drew closer to God and our relationship blossomed. My heart learned to love God in such a way that separation from Him would be impossible. Though in church we say it is time to worship, here, we are simply being trained for an instant of what we should be doing on a daily basis. Daily, our lives should be in a state of bowing down before the Lord in surrender and in awe of who He is. Daily, we should be kneeling before Him in prayer. Daily, we should be lifting up our lives as a living sacrifice. And daily, we should be growing in intimacy with our Lord in a constant overflow of love through prayer and conversation. Because love is the most important thing to God, of course worship would be void with out it, because without love we are nothing. Because he loved us first it is our turn to constantly worship God by loving Him in return through all that we say and do. So establish this thought in your mind and meditate on it: "When I worship God in church through any form (music, dancing, painting...etc.) I am simply being prepared and equipped for what I should be doing on a daily basis, and this will ultimately give me a glimpse into what awaits for me in eternity." So, take it from a girl who's been there, don't take any form of fellowship whether it be at a church or with a group for granted. This is an opportunity for you to prepare yourself before walking back out of those doors and back into school or work. Take advantage of every moment that you spend filling yourself with joyful and intimate music so that when you step outside of a Godly environment, no matter what you face, your spirit will know exactly what to do; Your spirit longs to worship every moment of every day. Your morning prayer, that A in English, your friendly disposition, how wholeheartedly you sing on your way to work or school, and your obedience to God's voice, all of these essences combine to produce a fragrant aroma that fills God's heart with joy. Make every moment count.


what are some of the specific 
ways that you love expressing 
your Worship to God?

Music: singing, playing an instrument, prophetic worship

Prophetic Painting

Prophetic Dance

Your very life


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