Friday, December 14, 2012

\\\\The Spirit Knows Best: Breathing Once Again////


Exhaustion...a product of over working one's self to the point of running out of energy. To find joy in these moments, however, is not that hard for this girl. Yes, the girl there to the side really wishes there were hot chocolate in her mug but no, no, she can't have that, so instead...water. Water. Anyways, what I really wanted to get to is a little of what's been going on. I know I've been posting a lot of updates lately but there's a lot going on in this girls life. I mean, finals in themselves have been mind boggling and crazy. Never in my college career have I had a harder semester. Has it been worth it though? Yes. I know the Lord has me right where He wants me. Though it may be hectic attending Pan Am and Psalmist school I enjoy the moments of triumph and learn from the times of perseverance. The best part of doing life with God is knowing that your part is the natural and His is the supernatural. I study and He keeps me awake. I get psycho-stressed and He makes me laugh or moves someone to call me up and shake me back into all things sane. The Lord everything. Honestly, if God does call you to do something He will get you through it victoriously. Never settle for anything less than that. We may stumble, but the word says we can no longer fall because the Lord's hand will sustain us. My last final was supposedly today but when I showed up and walked into a dark auditorium I began to question myself. I called up my Music Appreciation Prof. (because he's cool like that) and asked what was going on. And so there I figured out that there was no final because he counted our last exam as such. You can imagine how I felt right? Ecstatic! And once that wore off and reality set in, I wanted to just fall to the floor and cry. It was relief with a hint of frustration. God bless the Lord's heart for allowing me to live only fifteen minutes away from my University, seriously I was in need of some bed time. For some reason as tired as I may be there is always one thing that I'm not too tired for: writing. Imagine that? How can something that takes so much thought be relaxing?

There. Exactly right there is the connection that I was trying to make.

Times are tough. Some days brighter than others. And no, no I'm not going to say, "but the Lord is there with you," though it is true. What I will say is this: It is possible to love what is unlovable, enjoy the unenjoyable, and find peace in the midst of chaos. Our mind says go, go, go because when stress kicks in our brain is programmed to run without looking back. Right then and there is exactly when we should stop. Right when your mind says, "but look at the time," you should be hitting the floor on your knees and seeking the Lord's peace and strength. Your spirit knows better than your flesh, though your flesh thinks it knows it all. Spiritually we break chains when we let Jesus be the anchor that stops us from drifting farther and farther out to sea. Listen to your spirit and the Lord will glorify Himself, I am living proof of that for sure.

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