Friday, December 28, 2012

With A New Year Comes New Wisdom

(Kings 3:28) When all Israel heard the verdict the king had given, they held the king in awe, because they saw that he had wisdom from God to administer justice.

(1 Kings 8:61) And may your hearts be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time.”

(Proverbs 1:23) Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you,  I will make known to you my teachings.


With 2012 coming to an end and a new year only a few days away, thinking about what's to come brings much enthusiasm and excitement to my soul. I'm so hungry for the Lord's presence and craving all things God. In this year I've learned how to really listen to God's voice and began reading the Word of God from beginning to end. By His grace alone so far I've read all the way to the first book of Kings. If it were about simply finishing a reading plan I could have sped up my reading but I really wanted to meditate as I journeyed through each book, chapter, and verse. And so I find myself here today, realizing how much God has changed me through His perfect love. I'm not who I used to be: I don't sing like I used to because my voice has matured and overcome its "greenness", I don't see Worship the same as I once did (Worship Blossoms In The Garden), my eating habits are different, and I've learned to serve others and give my life for others. I can't even fathom the wondrous things that the Lord has in store for me next year, for us all! Dear God, what are you doing?...

The Lord has been showing me what He wants to pour out on His children for the next year and He's been saying, "Wisdom." God wants to give us His wisdom so that we can represent Him here on earth. All of last week I've had this word on my heart, meditating on Proverbs 1:23 and it's various versions but one thing is constant in all three and that is the fact that God wants to give us all of who He is so that we can act like Him. He wants to share His heart with us and pour out His Spirit over us so that we can know His vary words and be wise. But first, says the Lord, you must listen to me. God doesn't want us to just hear Him, He wants us to listen to Him. It's the difference between recognizing His voice and obeying it. Wisdom. God wants to give us wisdom. There's a cry out from God's heart to ours calling out for those who are willing and ready to be fully committed to God. The whole Sunday, Wednesday, and Retreat Days Christian lifestyle is long dead and gone. Who is ready to be fully committed to God? It's not dropping everything your doing, but rather handing everything your doing over to God so that He can reveal to you the desires of His heart which will become your desires. Wisdom to speak to those who appear deaf, wisdom to handle any challenge, and wisdom in every branch of life. Because God loves us, He wants to pour out His Spirit over us so that we can be wise. The earth is crying out to see God's glory and we have to be the living proof, we are not yesterday's but today's testimony of the living God. With all that God wants to pour out over us comes great responsibility. Yes, responsibility. God gives the wisdom, wisdom itself is not our God. What do I mean by this? I mean that, God is always first. No matter what gift I have been given I cannot and will not put it before my God because that would be the end of me. How can I worship what God has given me? This means that I have given my life over to what has been given to me. I worship God for who He is, so though God wants to give me wisdom I can't take it and then do my will with it. The most important question is, God now that I know that you want to give me wisdom, how do you want me to us it for your glory? As of now I am learning this, and so far God has been confirming the word He has given me. On Sunday afternoon, after leading and ministering during the first half of praise and worship, Pastor Eddie did a preaching on wisdom. He spoke about how God wanted to give us wisdom for the upcoming new year so that we would enter it not falling into the same old patterns. Right then and there as I sat in my chair up on the altar I looked up and just new it, "Bang! Confirmation!" After Pastor talked about wisdom for a good while and prayed over the entire congregation, he began to talk about something that I deeply fell in love with: It's important for us to go up to our mountain because there we will see things differently from being on the ground, surrounded by the situations we face. He talked about how Marry, after receiving news from the Angel about her bearing a child, quickly went up to the mountain to spend time with God. I really love that sermon and I know that together with the Worship and the Holy Spirit being poured out the service was set into the course that God had in His heart. Wisdom. God is giving us wisdom. I hope that you all have an amazing time with your family and friends, reflecting on what God has in store for us all in 2013 and after. Thank you God, for this new found wisdom!

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