Tuesday, January 1, 2013

<<<-My Spirit Worshiped As The New Year Rang In->>>


Clean up, clean up, Deya's got to clean up. I woke up so late (like if that surprises me, right?) and right after I watched a Novela on T.V. for a lot a bit (fun, fun, fun). After that... I cranked up my iHome radio and played Jesus Culture's "Live From New York" album on loop as I power cleaned my room. I couldn't welcome God's blessings in the New Year with a dirty room (says me logic). But really, I wanted my room to be nice and tidy, it just puts a smile on my face.


My "Bestest Friend" came over and helped my mom and I set up the "asador for a carne asada" (BBQ pit for a BBQ). I went back upstairs and got out of my sweat pants and old T-shirt and got into some jeans and a nice turquoise blouse. Suddenly reality hit me and I realized, "Oh snap! It's almost New Years!" It was kind of a going through the motions kind of day, getting lost in my cleaning and loud singing to my God. My spirit was just blissfully at peace and genuinely happy. I thought about how highly good and highly difficult this year has been but in totality I was thankful knowing that it had been an amazingly shaping year for me. I had Psalm 145 really touch me and I really meditated on verses two and three telling my God that I praise Him every day with my life, this being my goal and reality, because He is so much more than good, He just is.


Foooood!!! Let's just say my Mom does the BBQing in this house and it is oh so yummy! Having my "Bestest Friend" as my music partner is a plus because he just pops out his guitar and I pop out my hearts tune and (bam!) instant Spontaneous Worship. I sang in Spanish (you satisfy our thirst God, thank you, thank you, how can a simple song contain you, thank you, thank you God) and as usual felt so alive as I could literally feel our Worship elevating with us before the throne of God. My Daddy loves joining in as we Worship God, in fact my parents are my number one supporters, and seeing him on the drums in our garage puts a smile on my face. Surprisingly, my friend's little sisters came over later and we all sang and worshiped until the new year rang in, it was the best! 


Y como decimos por aca...¡A tronar quetes! (And like we say over here, it's time to pop some fireworks). Whoop whoop!!! I haven't had so much fun since I was a little kid, I mean we do it every year but God made it a really special day for us and our friends. I must admit though, seeing little kids with ipads is pretty funny and pretty cute! A few sparklers later...


¡Feliz Año Nuevo! (Happy New Year!!!!) Twelve grapes for twelve wishes (ours are more like prayers), salud (cheers) to a cup of sparkling cider, many hugs, little and big hands joining together to pray, and of course some more crazy worship! Christians party too yall! Kickin' it back old school Mexican style with some of my Mom's old tapes. After we danced to some corritos (praise hymns) we went to drop off our friends who are really like my Mom's spiritual children (especially my BF). Returning home to a nice warm bed and dim tea lights above me made me fall asleep pretty darn fast. After some quick FaceBook posts I was knocked out and off to lala land where my God rocks me to sleep beneath the shadow of His wings.


I hope everyone had a beautiful 
New Years... but for those that encountered 
harder timesmy heart goes out to you, not 
because I feel sorry for you but because I've 
been there and all around and back to know that 
things don't always go as nice as we hoped. But 
thankfully God is God and I know that His love is 
so beautifully, radically, strong to overcome 
anything! Love you all...can't wait to see what 
my God is cooking up for this year! 2013
is the year of God's wisdom and once
again we go deeper into the Father's 
heart. I'm excited!!!!


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