Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eminent Fruit

The First Book of Kings. How appropriate, right? And God keeps confirming His word to me for this year: Wisdom. Just after I lead Worship on Sunday afternoon at church my heart felt God whisper, "As you seek Me more and more all that seeking will bubble over to everyone around you." The Holy Spirit is guiding me and teaching me those hidden treasures that lie in the Father's heart.

(Romans 11:33) Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!

The Holy Spirit is revealing to me the desires of the Father's heart for me as I walk along the path that God has traced out before me. My calling is ever-winding and though the time of preparation continues, the fruit is coming forth. I can't hide what God has given me because to those around me it is now visible. The authority that God has given me to release my anointing impacts me as I perceive in my Spirit and even in the natural how we draw deeper and deeper toward that secret place that our spirits know all too well. That place where we were knit and formed and where we met with God before we were born into this world to shine our light.  It's in that place that as we Worship in Spirit and in Truth that our Spirit rejoices as it meets with the Father, our creator, our Daddy, our everything. Yes I lead Worship but that's not the title that I can place on what God has called me to do. I am a Psalmist, a Worship Minister in training but even those titles can't define my calling. I've decided not to name it, but rather to live it. God will soon give me a name for it. Yes, when I finish Psalmist school in two semesters I will be classified as a Worship Minister who's obtained her license but even then God's always had a way of pushing me to expect and to seek more. That's just who I am and who He's created me to be, I can't stop it. This calling is far greater than my words can express, because, all that is born out of God's heart is far too complex to explain.

The fruit. I feel something big coming. What was prophesied to me a few short months ago has taken effect and it's fullness is coming forth. The words that I feel strongly are these: "a new season has started and there will be a time of going about...get ready for some good times...you're not going to bring men in the flesh but in the Spirit..." There's so much more that I was prophesied but this part in particular keeps ringing in my head. The first time that the same prophets came to our city ( as I explained in an older blog post) a prophetess told me that I was tenacious and a rescuer but that I had to get grounded in the Word because when the time came for me to rescue somebody the Word that I released would take care of everything. Ever since then, as you all may know, I began to read the Bible from the beginning because God confronted me ever so deeply on this subject and I couldn't say anything but yes to those loving arms that have always been there for me. And like I said, my journey continues. I don't see the clear picture but the fruit of my labor cannot be hidden anymore. Many people have already come up to me trying to explain how they feel during our times of Worship but they just can't. It's no talent nor amazing voice...it's God's anointing. I thank Him for such an honor. How can I not sing, teach, or serve with love if it's all that I've known from God since day one. The Holy Spirit has instructed me and has placed mentors and teachers around me to lift me up and strengthen that which the Lord has placed in my hands. You see, when I say to yall, "Get ready!" I'm really saying it to myself because pretty soon something is going launch, the tree will be so big, and my fruit will be so scattered that God's purpose will be fulfilled. 

The fruit...


God has placed something in your hands. 
Seek God's council more and more and He 
will provide you with the exact wisdom that 
you will need to carry out your calling. 
declare that your fruit will be so visible that 
no words spoken against you will contain nor 
detain what God has in store for you. Trust 
that the Lord knows perfectly what He's 
doing with you and move forward. We've got 
some manifesting to do and that won't get 
done with our heads stuck in the clouds nor 
stuck in the rear view mirror. Your calling 
is now and souls are hungry for the 
fruit that you have to bear.


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