Saturday, January 19, 2013

Love Trails

I love, love, love, love, my God. My sweet Daddy always knows what's best for me. This girl right here typing away wanted to be an architect and was ready to head off to Austin TX to make that plan happen, but (God loves this word) the Lord had something higher in mind than I could have ever imagined. He left me trails of love to follow. Because you see, when your so out of your mind passionately in love with God your eyes are so unshakably fixed on His eyes that through that intimate relationship you come to know the desires of His heart and what He loves. Those desires become your desires because Jesus no longer has to pursue you now, that hunger is born and that desire causes us to pursue Him and press through anything and everything to get to Him. I was (an still am) so love sick that just like Elisha I burned up all my desires that I had clung so tightly to and simply followed my love with a love that is so powerful that one doesn't have to be blinded to follow. You see, I followed Jesus with eyes wide open knowing that my reality was crazy but His reality for me was perfectly planned. And that's been my journey up till today. I've been following those love trails especially through my whole college career. Things haven't always been so clear as to what I should do next but what was clear was that every time I had to take a step the Holy Spirit met me right there, reached for my arm, and guided me on forward to my next task. So now here I am almost two years later in the second semester of my second year of college seeing the fruit of my trust. I love what God has placed in my hands. Because I love Him, I love what He loves, and because I love what He loves, I just simply love. Rehabilitation with a Concentration in Addiction Studies. If words could express the passion and joy that I feel as I drive to school to just soak up the lectures my words would run short. I love it with all my heart. Now I see. Now I understand.

Trust God. Follow His love trail. Cling to Him. Give Him the glory. You will discover. You will fall in love with God's plans. Because you love Him. You will be victorious. His plans are higher. Trust. Follow the love trail.

(Romans 8:28)

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