Friday, January 4, 2013

///Meditating On The Word Of God///


As I browsed through inspirational quote after quote I suddenly came upon a great little picture titled, "How To Meditate On A Verse Of Scripture." It's amazing how we find treasures when we least expect them. So after I find this I think to myself, this is too good to keep to myself I just have to share this! And so...I present to you the tips that are on the image. I've tried them myself and really do love them. I keep various journals, but for this project in particular I'm using an old sketchbook of mine. I've filled page by page with verse after verse and sketch after sketch.

                                                {1.} Picture it! (visualize, draw a sketch) 
                                                {2.Pronounce it! (emphasize each word
                                                {3.} Paraphrase it! (put it in your own words
                                                {4.} Personalize it! (put it in first person
                                                {5.Pray it! (turn it into a prayer
                                                {6.Probe it! (ask specific questions...


A little tune...well, it's more than just a tune. I share with 
you all a song by one of my favorite worship leaders. The 
original is by Brian & Katie Torwalt which is equally 
amazing but...there's just something about live worship 
that love because it feels so near and real. 
Very anointed and don't even get me started on 
the spontaneous worship. Enjoy!

"I See Heaven"- Steffany Gretzinger

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