Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stagnant Congregational/Corporate Worship {Wisdom & Revelation}

Congregational/Corporate WorshipAn assembled group of people that have come together to respond to God's love by pouring out their love back onto Him through various forms of expression (bowing, dancing, clapping, lifting of hands, singing, playing an instrument, painting...etc).

We gather together in church for that time when feet are freely lifted off the floor, hands are stretched up to the sky as a show of surrender, and hearts are loving as faces are seeking. No matter how your church does Congregational Worship one thing is for certain, and that is that we are in the vulnerable position to love on God. Some churches have choirs while others have bands, some use an organ, while others incorporate electric guitars, and some are a combination of both old and new styles. I have nothing against either but this I do know for sure: God is a God of revelation. Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to comfort us and to reveal to us the treasures that are hidden in the Father's heart. The minute we let conformity depict our church's vision we say to God, "I like what you've done so I'm going to stay here and talk and live in this one thing forever." What happened to sing a new song? God is a God of fresh, new, and constant revelation and His Holy Spirit is always here with us willing to give a new vision to those that are truly hungry for it, for those that are willing. Here are a couple of signs that will let you know if your church has become stagnant, stuck in a vision that God has given them in the past with no desire to move forward. 

  • The preachings/sermons have been the same for a good while and are repeated over a period of time.
  • New ideas aren't considered and if they are, these ideas take flight but then gradually burn out and all goes back to normal.
  • The congregation attends church services but there is really no change in their personal lives
  • There is no desire to go deeper, to grow spiritually by fanning into flames the spiritual gifts (wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, discerning between spirits, speaking in different kinds of tongues, the interpretation of tongues) that come from God's Holy Spirit. (2 Timothy 1:6) and (1 Corinthians 12:7-11)


(Ephesians 1:17) I keep asking that 
the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the 
glorious Father, may give you the 
Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so 
that you may know him better. 

If you feel this to be the case in your 
church, turn this verse into a prayer 
and speak it over yourself and your 
church saying:

God, my glorious Father, I ask that 
You give me (and my church) the 
Spirit of wisdom and revelation so 
that I (we) may know You better.


Every church has a vision but if we want to grow as both a body and a congregation we have to embrace the Holy Spirit's out-pour of wisdom and revelation in all areas (vision, worship, our personal lives, ministry, preachings, age group classes...etc.). A few words can make a difference, one prayer can change it all...I can testify to that. In fact, going a little personal, the church that my family and I attended for 13 years of my life modeled and still models this behavior. It's like they got stuck in time and instead of growing, the exact opposite happened. I pray tough that one day God will touch their hearts and light an eternal fire in their spirits. For years and years the same Spanish hymns were sung, the same sermons were repeated and circled, and new ideas were "politely" ignored. day God touched the heart of a young 15 year old girl who constantly did all in her power to avoid church at all cost even though her parents were associate pastors. That young teen, by the grace of God alone, was me. Our whole youth group (around 15 teens) packed up and headed off to Discovery Camp in Columbus TX. There, right there, God gave me direction and a calling. After 3 days away from home my return brought on a huge revolution to our church. As we drove back I kept repeating words that even I did not comprehend, "Mom we need to call so and so and get this and that because God wants me to start a youth band at church." Even my mom looked at me in disbelief. After I repeated the same thing over and over again she realized that I was being for real. Now after I repeated the same thing day after day she was sure that it was all God and made some phone calls. In short, from that day and beyond God placed the right people in our midst and confirmed the word that He had given me. Over a six month period a youth group band was formed from nothing, God has a way of doing that. It was something that only God could have done because any type of idea brought forth to the pastors was tossed under the rug or was short lived. The kids and teens were growing spiritually and their parents attended church enthusiastically. Here I learned to be a leader, I learned about instruments and grew vocally, here God showed me that He was going to use me to give birth to true worship in the hearts of others. comes the vision change and the transition. At age 16 many oppositions came through gossip and unfair acts by the Pastor and his family and my family's eyes and my own were opened to the stagnation in our church. We were contempt and blind to the spiritual placidity and conformity. God was trying to tell us that He had more for us, much more. God lead us to another church where we find ourselves today where we witness the Glory of God fall down. In my case, God was trying to bring revival to my first church and a new vision but God's revelation was rejected there. So God says to me, "You did what I asked of you and because they have rejected me and not you it's time to move on. I have something special for you, let it go and trust me for I have been faithful to you." 

God has been more than good to me and I can say with all my heart that when you give your whole life to Him He guides your every step to give you a hope and a future because all things will work together for your good. Wherever you find yourself right now, ask God to reveal to you what your church needs and how you can help it grow and move forward. The Holy Spirit will show you how to make blossom your Corporate Worship time so that the whole congregation can be open to the desires of the Father's heart. Like I've stated before though, true worship first has to blossom in your heart through intimate time with the Lord so that you can impact all that is around you. God has a special purpose for you, go at it and discover how it is that you can draw your Congregation into a deeper relationship with the Lord so that the Holy Spirit can freely flow as He wants. God is bringing an amazing awakening to our churches and the way we worship Him there,. I can feel it. I know that I am going to be apart of this by God's grace alone, are you?

Remember: Church is a place of preparation. When we worship God in church through any form (music, dancing, painting...etc.) we are simply being prepared and equipped for what we should be doing on a daily basis, and this will ultimately give us a glimpse into what awaits for us in eternity. 

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