Thursday, February 14, 2013

Divine Romance


Finally...home sweet home. My last class ended tonight at 6:00 and I am officially ready to be wrapped in my lover's arms. The Holy Spirit is my sweet valentine here with me. He's done so many interesting and romantic things lately to catch my attention that have all lead up to this one question: Will you be mine? You see, He knows that I don't just want a nice-and-easy or casual relationship. On Tuesday I asked God, "How deep can I go...take me there, as deep as possible and don't let go of me." I want to be there. Living in that moment of pure over-bubbling ooie-gooie love that at the same time is so fierce and powerful that no human force can contain it. The Holy Spirit gave me the most beautiful present that my heart was longing for. There, in a humble gathering of young adults with two acoustic guitars, a bongo, expectant hearts, and God's presence I received the gift of speaking in tongues. My heart had been aching for that Acts 2 moment until finally by surprise it came. The Holy Spirit met me right where I was: hungry, worshiping in spirit and in truth with nothing to hide and all to give.I'm God's. I'm Jesus'. I'm The Holy Spirit's. I'm their's. I'm His. Those encounters shape us, I mean to encounter the living God is life-changing. My belly was warm and I was balling out tears. My God is my valentine not just for a day but for an eternity because He chose me long before I chose Him, but it took me way too long to understand those love letters He kept passing along my way through the years. He's been with me through every step. My secret admirer. Now I pursue Him willingly, boldly, and wholeheartedly. So because all the time my lover has invested in me has accumulated I want to give some of it back. With a sweet raspberry tea in one hand and with my Bible and journal in another I will be having a date night with my King. Just me and Him. I feel all too happy to just be. To dwell. To be filled. Those quiet times are irreplaceable and oh so crucial because just like we want to know what's in our lover's heart, He longs to hear our heart as well. It's time!

To be continued...



Valentine's Day Playlist


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