Monday, February 11, 2013

Returning To Rest

(Psalm 116:7) Return to your rest, my soul,

    for the Lord has been good to you.

There are situations in our lives that cause us to fall out of whack. Situations that just make us pause...situations that make us want to zone out or run far, far, away. My Tia (aunt) just passed away. Not only an amazing woman of God but also my second mom. I loved her so much so I hurt so much. Deep down I find peace in that I know exactly where she is now: Gazing on the face of Jesus and worshiping Him in the front row. More than anything, it's missing the good times, the happy days, and the silly moments. I look at my cousins and see pieces of her so it's not an abandoned feeling. I see my grandma and my mom and know that when I hug them it's like hugging a piece of her. Though she will never be forgotten all of our hope is that she will be honored through us that remain to fight this good fight in which we already have the victory. Singing at her funeral wasn't as hard as I thought simply because my heart and spirit wanted to burst of overwhelming thankfulness to my God for her life. The tears have dried but the sweet memories never will and I thank God for that. Like the Holy Spirit whispered as I walked back from my first class, "my heart finds peace and my soul finds rest in knowing that God always knows best." My comforter is here with me right now as I type. I thank Jesus for my wonderful comforter. My sweet, cozy Holy Spirit who overwhelms me with peace and joy as the presence of God overtakes me day by day. So I fix my eyes on what I cannot see for that is eternal.

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