Friday, February 1, 2013

Worship: My Lifestyle

Tuesday nights have become something really special for me. My mom, dad, uncle, aunt, friend, and I have started gathering in our living room to Worship God with our very lives. The presence of God inundates our four walls and overtakes us as we lift up our song and share the Word in one same spirit together. We've decided to call these encounters Bethel Nights (Noches De Betel) because God revealed to my Dad that our house became "the house of God and the gate of heaven."(Genesis 28:16-17) As our voices elevate, new songs burst forth and spontaneous worship flows from my mouth. I'm just a lover of God's sweet presence because it's a hunger that's stirred in me and that only God can satisfy. I wrestled between staying up in my room and getting ahead in my homework and no matter how tired and stressed I was my spirit took over and beat my flesh. The moment I came into contact with the Holy Spirit and His presence all I could do was melt in His loving arms.

My heart's desire as of lately has been to never run out of room in my heart for an out-pour of God's Spirit. Like the wife of the Prophet in the Bible who filled up so many jars of oil I want my heart to be that endless jar in constant overflow of God's anointing. I'm already three weeks into my fourth semester of The School of Psalmists and already my spiritual plate is about to shatter because of so much soul food. Here are a few of the points that I loved:

  • Ministerial Ethics: "Your calling is specific. Minister in the position that God has entrusted you with. Flow in the ministry that God has entrusted you with."
  • Ministerial Ethics: "Get rid of whatever is stopping you from completing your calling, everything that discourages you."
  • Vocal Education: "When we play the last, highest, note on the piano 12 octaves higher that sound that is produced transforms into electricity (Wow!)."
  • Vocal Education: "People tremble when we sing and play a high note because in the spirit realm this sound is like electricity. When we get one touch of the presence of God it's an impact equivalent to touching an electrical outlet."
  • Vocal Education: "God sees colors. It's been proven that when someone sings even the blind see colors."

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