Monday, March 18, 2013

A Psalm: Your Words, My Words

(Psalm 119:54) Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.

Awww yes...this verse...this verse made my day. I have two ultimate favorite Psalms out of all of them that I love and Psalm 119 is one of them. This Psalm in particular is a compilation of the psalms of various authors. The one message that each author shared was a description of what the Lord's decrees, words, laws, mean to them. To one they were sweeter than honey, to another their security, salvation, and joy. I sat during my break between my first and second class reading this and felt peace. Like I was on some beautiful quiet island sipping a nice cold glass of sweet tea.



///Now I'm typing before I head on over to Psalmist
School and I find myself thinking: What do the Lord's
decrees mean to me? How can I describe in my own
words what His words have done in my life?///

  Psalm of Deyanira

  Lord, your words shine like
  the stars in the sky within my
  heart. Though endless, they
  are eternally engraved within
  my thoughts. This is why I
  am always thinking of you
  wherever I go and why I
  can't sleep without speaking
  with you. You alone make
  me whole and your words
  make me completely
  complete. Continue to teach
  me as you have, for you
  alone have given your all for
  me. You Lord have been my
  teacher, ever present in my
  life since before I breathed
  my first breath. My love is
  yours forever and ever.

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