Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Morning Conversation: A Love Revelation

I think a lot. Especially while I drive on my way to school. If you were to be in the seat next to me you would see and listen to me pray, sing, worship and converse with God. That's my time. My ipod is as high as my ears can take though my spirit can handle any level really because He's on fire. Well, anyways, on my usual (or not so usual) drive today as always I stepped into God's presence (yes, all while driving and no I did not have my eyes not recommended at all!) and we just started talking like we always do. While I verbally talk He listens and then I listen as He begins to respond in whatever way He chooses. Every day is different. He always keeps me on my toes waiting for His romantic surprise. And today I said,"God you had it all but still you chose to create all. Why?"

(Long pause)

"Because of love. You longed to love longed to love and longed to be loved. I know people say that you don't need it but that's not how love works anyway. One loves not out of need but out of love. The need to love comes after. And I love you because you loved me first."

How can loving another come out of love? 
Love is the fountain and therefore anything 
we do comes out of that fountain. So to 
love we need to be loved and only God 
can fulfill that. Only God is that portion 
and perfect complement.

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