Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Snippets: Preparation, Fire, Love

“If we want to be transformed we first need to be informed and to be informed we need to be instructed.”
             —Kris Vallotton

We all must go through stages and seasons of preparation because without learning periods we would be walking through life thinking that ignorance is bliss. I am the first to stop right there and admit that it is abso-tu-ta-lutely not. It's scary and frustrating when we don't know what to do and when we don't have the answers. It's like trying to put together a brand new desk by looking at a picture because we're too lazy to read and follow the instructions step-by-step. Guys, girls, friends nobody on this earth taught us to enjoy the preparation because our human and carnal nature just wants to survive and live life by jumping through hoop after hoop. I've learned to enjoy the calm seasons and the wacky-out-a-control seasons also. For a while it's like we're either in a desert with no one around to support  or befriend us, or like everything is getting too hectic to stand. In particular, I want to address the seasons of solitude. Us and God and nobody else (so it seems). Literally, it's like where have all the Christians gone? It's a season of preparation. I asked God a while back what was going on with this and why I felt this way and He simply answered by giving me this image in my mind: I was a Porcelain Doll inside of a wooden hutch with glass doors, protected and hidden. I asked The Lord what this meant and I just felt Him say, "You're that doll and right now that is exactly how I have you because when it's time for you to move I'll take you out but until then I'm protecting you because I'm going to teach you during this period of time." Preparation. Enjoy the learning process and take close notes because you will need them later on for what God has begun to do with you.

Someone once said that my generation had fire but no foundation. Well that was my spiritual cue to get even more fired up. You see the events and the retreats are great but they flame out while true passion for God just cannot because it only takes one taste of His water to never thirst again. I will continue my preparation but at the same time I know God is using me to lay down the foundation for His temple. That temple is every one of us because the Word of God tells us that our bodies are the Temple of The Holy Spirit. We are The temple. The hardest thing is to start up a fire but once you get it really going there's no stopping it. The first song I actually sang in church when I was little was, 

///Oh this little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine///
///Don't let Satan blow it out
No, I'm gonna let it shine///
///Let it shine///

If the fire is already there then now all I've got to do is fan it so that it can't be blown out. God is using you and I to lay down the foundation in the hearts of His children. We're going to bridge the generation gaps. My generation will not only have the fire (which is *extremely important) but also the foundation that is God's Word. When someone is in love though, nobody has to make them do anything because they will do it out of love. That's also what I've been called to do. I'm like the wing-woman, the third wheel bestie, the match-maker. I'm that vehicle that God uses to lead others to Him, to encounter Him, and He does the rest. He does the wooing and the candle-lighting. To accomplish this we need to let The Holy Spirit prepare us and mold us. If getting into God's word is hard for you then don't ask God to help you like reading ask Him to make you fall more and more in love with Him. Because love is what God is all about and that's what our worship to Him is born from. Love is like a burning flame that cannot be easily put out.

(Song of Solomon 8:6-7) 
Place me like a seal over your heart,
like a seal on your arm; 
for love is as strong as death,

    its jealousy unyielding as the grave.

It burns like blazing fire,
    like a mighty flame.
Many waters cannot quench love;
    rivers cannot sweep it away.
If one were to give
    all the wealth of one’s house for love,
    it would be utterly scorned.

Some questions for you:

Do you have someone who mentors you?
Who can you be an example for?
Is it enjoyable for you to get into God's word?
Has God been revealing His heart to and for you on a deeper level?
Does your Worship (intimate and congregational) reflect Solomon's 8:6-7 verse?
What questions do you have?...

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