Friday, May 31, 2013

Bringing Your Intimate Worship to The Public

In the intimate we come to know our Father's heart. Because our spirits are seeing Him we come to know Him. Now from personal experience I can honestly say that it took me awhile to learn to love seeking The Lord without a live worship band playing, because of how involved I was in this, and without the large building we have come to call "church". When I first received Jesus in my heart I went through a series of processes and one of the first ones was my constant desire to be in "church". I'm talking about spending more than three days a week and hours and hours at "church". I had to be there because my spirit was a baby and was hungry and extremely thirsty. It was a season of separation: from all that the Lord showed me was unholy for me and from any triggers that reminded me of who I was. In fact, at first, if I wasn't there I couldn't find myself. You come to realize whether or not it's really God that occupies first place in your heart when you lose it all. God strips us of everything that we hold on to that isn't Him because He wants to be our fountain. This happened to me and I struggled, cried, and even turned away for a moment from my pure love for my Father. I couldn't sing, I didn't want to sing. 

Reflecting on this I compare my situation to that of King David's. I felt just like David in The 2 Book of Samuel when him and his team were carrying the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem after it had been stolen from them. They were so happy, celebrating their great victory, when suddenly the ark slipped and in order to break its fall one of David's men touched it with his hand causing God to kill him on the spot. David became so angry and so afraid of God that he sent the ark away to another's home because he didn't know how he could trust The Lord after that. Time past and God showed David His faithfulness. God showed David that what He did was not because He was a cruel Father. The Lord showed David how much He loved him, because he was a man after God's own heart, by proving that His people die because they lack knowledge. The Word of God shows us in the 1 Book of Chronicles that David accepts what God had done because he realized that there were laws that God Himself established in the times of Moses that he and his men had disobeyed.

Because God took me by the hand and led me into the next season of my life, which was about seeking Him at any cost, I learned to love pursuing Him without the four walls that I had become so accustomed to. That basically looked like my best friend and I spending hours and hours and days and days in my living room just expressing our worship to God with our voices and instrument. In that season I learned that where the Spirit of The Lord was there would be freedom. This scripture became real to me. My friend and I learned so much not just about music but about what seeking and finding God really meant. More seasons past and suddenly I found myself in a totally different time and place in my life in which The Holy Spirit introduced me to simplicity. What happens when the instruments and the mics are gone? He taught me the simple joy, peace, and love that flows in His presence when I close my door and forget about the noise of life to fall on my hands and knees to worship Him. Just Him and I. Because I read His Word and began to learn who He really was I became not hungry for the expressions that I utilized to connect with Him, but merely hungry for Him. I craved Him. At any cost I wanted Him. Freeze that and picture this please. That is exactly where true worship is born. Because I sought Him, He faithfully revealed Himself and then suddenly our family worship times became overtaken by The Holy Spirit, which then led to that pouring out over any place that I found myself walking through or singing at. Because now worship wasn't a word I used so lightly and singing wasn't at all anything without worship. Before I sing I worship. Before we sing or play music or do anything else we need to worship. We are worshipers first and that will clearly be reflected wherever we go. In your spirit you can perceive the atmosphere and whether or not mountains are moving and lives are changing. You don't worry first about tuning and teamwork, first worship Him alone on your own and The Holy Spirit will show up wherever you go if that is your prayer and heart's desire. He will. In order for the public to experience the presence of God those that carry the ark and know how to enter God's presence at any time must cling to the moments that they spend seeking God so that they can release that wherever they go. These are the reflections of a psalmist, of a worshiper, and of a lover of God's presence.

(Matthew 6:6) But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.


  1. Great post. I love it! Yes! So true! Before e try to lead others in songs and worship, we must know what it means to give up everything at the foot of the cross and worship HIM! Great post.

    When I played and sang a few weeks ago for church, wow, God really did work! I left the house out of time and hadn't practiced my song since like that Thursday! Part of me was like "Oh great! You've never played in front of ANYONE before, and now you think you're going to go play in front of 200 people WITHOUT practicing, Lizzie??? Nope...not gonna work..."
    But then the other part of me was like, okay, this will be okay. I had this feeling like it would be EVEN more special if I wasn't practiced, wasn't perfect, wasn't ready.
    You don't have to be practiced to be in the presence of God. You don't need to be like "okay, here is what I'm gonna say, here's how I'll say it." just before you walk into the throne room of God.
    You don't need to be practiced, perfect, to worship the PERFECT King!
    God doesn't call us to be perfect, (or more like, TRY to be perfect). He calls us to be broken. Humble and ready to worship the King of kings!
    And that is exactly what I did when I sang and played for church. I got up there not ready, but ready and excited to close my eyes and block out the room and sit in humble awe of God and worship in the throne room of the Almighty.
    And my goodness will Christ honor that! The Holy Spirit filled the room and I KNOW it was NOTHING I was doing. But ALL was Jesus Christ doing the work He called me on board for.

    Sorry, I get all excited and start rambling ;) you can tell I really enjoyed this post of yours! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know!!! I read your post and commented:) Please ramble lol! Love hearing about what God is doing in other places, it fascinates me. So happy about what God is doing in your life Lizzie! And yeah I get what you mean by saying that it felt more special to sing your song without a perfect rehearsal right before. And I totally am not bashing on practice, I am a firm believer and supporter of it because it will help us get better (there's a time for everything) I love this, the Holy Spirit still makes me giggle: teachings and practices are accelerated when we get into God's presence because when we worship Him our spirits are ministered to and we learn more in that moment than we ever could otherwise. Because His word is stored in our hearts when it comes time to share it, all we have to do is open our mouths and the Spirit will do the talking. And I agree The Lord cannot keep from showing up when one of his sons or daughters is expecting Him. He so does honor those who honor Him. Amazed and over-happy to know about what The Holy Spirit is doing through you. I am soooo glad!


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