Saturday, May 18, 2013

We Carry Your Name Now

In The Old Testament God's chosen people, the israelites, were assigned the task of carrying and traveling with the tabernacle in which the presence of God dwelt (Exodus 29: 42-43). During the time of David's reign God chose the city of Jerusalem as his one and only dwelling place on earth (Psalm 135:21) (Ezra 6:12). The revelation then came to David that The Lord inhabited and dwelt within the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Jesus. His name stands alone. When Jesus came He revolutionized God's dwelling place and delivered unto us all the opportunity to become that dwelling place that The Lord desired to inhabit. Jesus made the way. Jesus established that the presence of God was no longer limited to one people nor to one place (John 4:4-26). After Jesus' resurrection and departure the Holy Spirit revealed unto the children of God that we are His temple and the chosen dwelling of our living God (1 Corinthians 6:19). God chose to no longer place His name on a building but to instead place His name on His children. His name. His holy name. We carry His name now. We are the living and breathing temple that reflects God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What an honor that a perfect God would choose imperfect people, justified by the blood of Jesus.


I've been reading through Bill Johnson's book, "When Heaven Invades Earth," and there are a few excerpts that I have been dying to share. 

"As the kingdom of God confronts sin, forgiveness is given and change comes to the nature that had only known how to sin. When His rule collides with disease, people are healed. When it runs into the demonized they are set free. The kingdom message's nature provides salvation for the whole man—spirit, soul, and body. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ...if we seek His kingdom first, we'll find His kingdom comes fully equipped." Bill Johnson

"Everything that happens here is supposed to be a shadow of heaven. In turn, every revelation that God gives us of heaven is to equip us with a prayer focus." Bill Johnson

"If I truly receive power from an encounter with the God of power, I am equipped to give it away." Bill Johnson


Our future:

(Revelation 22:4) They will see his face, 
and his name will be on their foreheads. 

What a beautiful day the day we come face to face with our lover, friend, and Father. On this day the confirmation will be made publicly known that He is ours and we are His. All temples will meet their creator, their master craftsman. Beauty will take on a new definition and love will be the lamp that lights up all darkness. 


As the Lord's temple, as the place in which His holy presence has chosen to dwell our mission is this: we have been entrusted with a precious gift which is our body, spirit, and soul and we have the daily decision to make what physically and spiritually enters and what doesn't. Our first fruit and true worship is caring for our bodies on both levels so that when we spend intimate time with our Lord we have all of us to offer Him. It's a daily struggle but just remember, you don't have to pursue an event nor a confrence to feel whole or rekindled because His spirit dwells within you. When you speak His breath is coming out and this being the very same breath that breathed forth the constellation in the sky. He is with you, He is in you, and you are His reflection.


  1. Yay girl! I'm so excited about your new blog!!!! I look forward to reading it! But I don't see a following now :/ are you gonna have it where people can follow?!

    I haven't had time to read this post yet, but definitely will read it when I have time! :)

    1. Thanks Lizzie!! woops I knew I was forgetting something importante lol. It's up now so you can follow anytime. So glad you are! God bless!


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