Monday, June 10, 2013

Highlights Of My Weekend

///Friday afternoon my Mom and I drove to meet once again with my Naturopathic Doctor. During our long wait the skies started to darken and then suddenly there came a massive downpour of rain with lightning and all. I just sat there in the waiting room thinking, oh Lord did you miss talking to me today (inside joke). God and I just dialogue like that because ever since he revealed to me that He wants to do life with me I can't go anywhere without Him nor step foot anywhere He doesn't want to go. Anyways, yes we eventually made it inside to the Doc's office and I quickly stepped on the scale anxiously anticipating some good news. Four more pounds gone! I'm feeling pretty good about my temple. There's room to meet with my Lord now (another inside joke, sorry I just had to). So to be super exact I'm totaling in at 38 pounds lost. I'm happy...ecstatic...I can't wait to jump and dance for my God freely the way He deserves (that's why this whole journey began in the first place, as stated in previous posts).

///I popped out my journals once again! It's been a long while, in fact, since I've written in my journals. Saturday night I crept downstairs with my three journals, Bible, highlighter and pen in hand. It was close to midnight so I was trying really hard not to wake anyone up. My Spirit was hungry and thirsty. I have no idea why I love having my alone time with my Lord at this time but it always just seems to click. I imagine The Holy Spirit sitting in the couch next to mine whispering yet another one of His teachings for me to meditate on. For those of you like me who attend school and have been called to God's ministry I know it's hard sometimes. Maybe you also have a job and other responsibilities. I've even told God...God, why aren't there more hours in a day. I got an answer pretty quick. We have been given the freedom to choose our priorities. But when you're in love time ceases to exist. God is first but I feel like there's confusion in this statement. If God has not told you do something then don't do it. Your Spirit, if you feed Him, will let you know instantly when something is not right. He gives us discernment. For instance, I've had about an equal amount of people express that full-time ministry trumps school, work, vocations, or careers just like others have also stressed the importance of balance in our lives because we are in this world and have been called to shine everywhere. The truth is this: nobody knows your calling except you and your heavenly Father. You have to know who you are and your personal mission so that you won't be moved even by the most eloquent of speakers. I speak from total personal experience because I see this plague sweeping over many people and it's...all that really matters is whether or not you're making God happy. Yes we want to please those we care about and yes we would like everyones support but it's just not going to happen. Know this for sure though, when God is on your side He will defend your cause because it is His cause. He will make a way when you're traveling down the road He's marked out for you to travel. If everything's going wrong and you feel like all doors have been shut and like you're getting no where then you have got to get back to seeking the Lord, something isn't right. Confirmation. We all know the Israelites that followed Moses thought he was a complete whack-a-doodle especially when they had to cross the Red Sea while at the same time an egyptian army was racing behind them trying to kill them. Imagine that. The thing is: the Old Testament is full of God's miraculous signs and wonders for that past generation and the New Testament is full of Jesus making a way for us to reflect God through His signs, wonders, and way of living. This way of living isn't about everyone selling all their possessions and moving far off into the hill country it's about hope, faith, and love. Three powerful words that have not been given enough credit. It's funny how people congratulate you once time passes by and they see the fruit of your obedience to God. Moses was applauded after God used him to part the Red Sea but right before that all the Israelites wanted to strangle him. What I'm trying to say is, live to know God's will for you because His plans are unique and individualized with the same purpose in mind. We have all been given The Great Commission but we have each received from God a way of acting out His Commission. While Paul's Calling involved preaching the Gospel to both the gentiles and the jews in foreign lands (1 Corinthians 1:17), Peter's Calling involved baptizing and preaching the gospel in other regions (Matthew 4:19). The same Great Commission was there but The Spirit of God guided them individually. If we don't have a relationship with The Holy Spirit we're going to be swept back in forth from one man-made teaching to the next. What is The Holy Spirit saying to you? The only way to find out is to speak to Him, to pray, to fill yourself up with God's Word. Only the Spirit of God can tell you what you have been called to do and how you've been called to do it.

///What can I say about Sunday? The Holy Spirit did His thing and I love His invitation for me to be apart of it. We had our Tardes De Gloria Service one hour earlier so that at 7:00 we could make a way for Chuck Pierce to speak over us as a body of Christ, as a congregation, and as citizens of The Rio Grande Valley. Needless to say the time I spent from 4:00 to 9:00 was well spent. If I can worship my God freely then I'm there. Great prophetic night.

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