Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Travels

 Much of my time has been invested in getting into The Word and helping out my friends and family in the ministry since then. It's been quite a journey. So many events and detailed things have many to share, but, I really do want to share some major marking moments. My family and I took a four day trip to San Antonio and Dallas Texas two weeks ago. We definitely came back home refreshed. Sometimes you've got to just get away to come back into a situation with fresh eyes and that's exactly my case. The whole point of our trip was to spend time together as a family and most importantly to be touched by God. We drove to Gateway Church and had a beautiful night filled with seeking God's embrace. Gateway's Generate Night of Worship brought me back to a moment of restored joy in my salvation. One of my greatest memories.
The worship night was packed but at the same time it felt so intimate. Here's one of the songs they played there, hope you like it as much as I did.

Just last week my family and I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday helping out our Pastor at an event through intercession and praying for the people who wanted to be ministered to. I'm learning so much and God knows it's been my desire to do so. Where there is anointing there is an out pour of The Holy Spirit. People in wheelchairs walked, men and women were healed, and freedom broke out. My family and I also had dreams throughout those days and The Lord just continues to sing over us. I can feel the peace that comes from being yoked with Him. It's been a crazy month. More to come I'm sure.

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