Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Semester

It's official. I'm a junior. Today was my first day back at UTPA and I'm honestly psyched to be back. The fall has to be my favorite semester because of the rain, the breezy days, and cloudy skies. If you were from the valley you'd be excited too, it's usually so hot over here y'all. I love my schedule: after going to my abnormal psychology class at 10:35 I don't have to go back to campus until 5 ish. This is the first time I take night courses so I should be coming home around 9. That's new, exiting, and kinda outside my comfort zone but...comfort zones are so overrated (I'm sure God would agree). So I went shopping a few days before and did that whole shabang and got some cute stuff, but my over all greatest achievement would have to be finishing The Old Testament in The Bible. Sunday night I was like, yes my Jesus I finally get to really read about you and I can finally know what's going on (lol). The details bring the big picture to life, you know? So this post is pretty laid back that's how I feel right now. Just wanted to share. Hope yalls first day was awesome!! God bless!

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