Friday, August 9, 2013

///Looking For People Going to The Bethel School of Worship in 2014///

Hey yall! So as most of you know God has placed in my heart to attend BSW next summer!!! Yay!!! I'm so oober excited! God has been providing me with connections (Gotta love my Daddy for opening the right doors). The reason why I wrote this post was to hopefully find some people out there with the same vision and plan and just get connected. I'm from McAllen Texas so I was hoping to find others leaving from Texas to Redding so that we could meet up and maybe travel together. So...if that's you and you just happened to stumble upon my blog and you plan on attending BSW in 2014 then leave a comment or just e-mail me with the deats. on the contact me tab. I'd love to hear from you and definitely to get to know you and what God wants to equip you for. This journey is going to require so much work on my part but I know God is able and in control. Do I have the funds? Not all of them. Am I a little worried? No. I am expectant though. I know that His plan requires His hand so all things will come together. I just know it. How can you help? Pray for me and this journey. Your heartfelt prayers mean the world to me guys, keep em' coming. 


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