Saturday, August 17, 2013

Painting My Bedroom: Before & After

A little paint can go a very long way. Color symbolizes so much more than just a form of expression, it alters moods and sets a certain atmosphere. It's incredible really. I remember taking my Psychology class, the first semester of my first year in college, and attentively leaning forward on the edge of my desk as I learned that prisoner's attitudes changed when their cells were painted a different color. They stopped fighting and the guards noticed they were more relaxed. Though my bedroom was no prison cell I took advantage of a some-what unexpected situation (the removal of my floor) and decided to paint my bedroom walls. It was time for a change so I took God's blessing in disguise for me and ran with it (actually drove) all the way to the paint store. Compared to the strong dark pink color I first had, this sea glass just brightens and softens up my room. I open the door and feel welcomed in almost. Change is good. Change brings maturity, new things, and lessons to be gained and shared. I can't help but welcome God's 180 spins for my life when I've witnessed in the past His faithfulness and goodness to come through with higher plans than I could have ever wrapped my head around.


///Oh my lanta what was I thinking? Ignore the balloons and flowers, basically I just wanted to show you guys the wall color. This picture is super old (two, three years tops) and I had definitely done some redecorating after then. The color represented the strong-willed, opinionated, and energetic side of me. Now that I pay closer attention, the color seems bold yet a little too cold. I tell ya, thank God for change! ///


///Ahhh...My eyes just go gaga. I love the beach and this color just makes me feel like I bottled up the sea and brought it home with me.///

///I love the combination of the white and light  blueish green colors. Later I want to incorporate some coral and rose accessories but for now I am enjoying my crisp, clean, serene space.///

///My bare-stripped floors literally resemble the sandy shore lol but I'm praying for some wooden floors before my birthday. It feels nice to breath in the freshness in here. Blessed.///


  1. Ahhh! I L.O.V.E. THE NEW COLOR!!!!!!!! Sooo beautiful with your curtains and your light colored bedspread! Ah! Now you make me want to paint my room this color ;) its a perfect bright summery beachy color that could pretty much go with any other color combo! Yellow, cream, pink, dark blue, green, brown, tan! Ah! So love it! :)))))

  2. @Lizzie ///Awww thanks Lizzie:)!!!! Go for it girl! If God's blessed us with a space, why not make it our own? I was like, if this is gonna be the laaast time I paint my room I might as well finally get the color I've always wanted. I'm in love! Even the lighting in my room's changed!

  3. Yes exactly! I'm glad you got to paint it your dream color :) good color choice ;) lol
    Yes! It does change the whole lighting of your room! :) love it!

    Btw, miss our long conversations :) let's do so soon again ;)

  4. @Lizzie ///Thank you! And for sure, definitely! Missed talking to you too & super nice hearing from you :) Yay! Can't wait for our long conversations.
    God bless!

  5. I know I haven't been on for awhile :) been really busy with life. A lot has been going on!
    I can't remember if I told you some Jew praise stories! My music pastor at our church wants to record professionally some of my songs!!!!!! I'm so in awe of God! He is so good and is to be praised! All glory to God forever!

    1. Eeeeee!!! Lizzie that's amazing! Awesome news! Congrats! I'm so so happy for you. Can't wait to hear more about this & about those stores, we need to catch up lol!. Yay! Praise God for His higher plans:)!

  6. Ooops. Just noticed I said "Jew stories" in my last comment. Haha typo! I meant NEW not Jew ;)

    Anyway! Yes! It is very exciting and I'm looking forward to it! He hasn't told me anything new with it for awhile, like details and when we will begin the recording process, and last time we talked he said in August, but nothing has taken place yet. So I'm waiting on my music pastor for details. But I'm super excited!!!!! :) God is to be praised!!!

  7. Lol! Amen to that!:) Will definitely keep your recording and what God is doing in your life in my prayers. Great news!!!!


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