Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I've Been Up To: Past & Present

It's one of those days. Indecisive skies, one minute cloudy with signs of rain and the next too sunny to handle. That's the Valley for ya! Today was my last day of summer school so I bid farewell to Mexico's Contemporary Lit. and all of it's fascinating Novelas. I want to share a blog post that I planned on sharing weeks ago but I just couldn't find the right time or moment. It'll help make more sense of what I want to get at.

{Excerpt} ///The past two weeks have been interesting. Let's just say they involved one can of beach glass paint, a few trips to Lowes, long nights spent with my best friend in the world, my sister hiding in my closet on the only patch of carpet left, the living room turning into my bedroom, and me crashing on the couch with two pillows and my corral-colored blanket. It all started the week I got sick and after that my Dad made the decision to get rid of the carpet; However, while my family and I just let the idea roll off our backs my friend told my dad he'd take it out himself. He did. I love him so much. Lord knows him and I were expecting wooden floors after the drastic change but because of finances that project has been on hold. So here I am now lying down in my comfy bed tonight with bare wood left after being stripped of it's old carpet. I must say though that the view of the lights flashing outside my window and the stars slightly above are gorgeous. Really. It's been a long time since I've stopped and looked. Sometimes God leads us into peculiar situations, uncharted territory, only so that we can stop for a little while and enjoy the view. My nights spent on the couch had their reward too: midnight Bible readings by the lamp next to my momentary "bed" and getting to watch the moon through the half circle window above the front door. All these changes made me think of how one small, seemingly insignificant event, can become a catalyst for something big. I'm learning to love and appreciate the small, the lowly, the underestimated. God works wonders with these sorts of things. It reminds me of how much He would insist that Israel's armies be as small as possible. God is easier to see when the loud background is faded out. What I've been learning is that the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain weird are a way of God saying "I'm still here." Those small things that you can't seem to find joy in are going to cause something bigger to show up and the right door will open because God is faithful...He is full of faith. When God asks us to have faith in order to see Him He's asking us to place Him above all else as number one in our hearts, with single-hearted devotion.///

Joining past and present thoughts now. I drove up in my Dad's Dodge truck (borrowed momentarily) today after school and walked inside the kitchen to find a medium can of white paint waiting for me on the table. Let's just say that after the second day of painting my friend and I made a few slip ups (oops lol). We finished though, kinda, and that's what counts. Goodbye dark pink and hello beach glass! My floor still isn't set up but my parents decided to put my bed in anyways because I think they were starting to feel so bad about me sleeping on the couch. So I am now in my room, on my bed, sipping jugo de jamaica (jamaica juice), with a grateful heart. In a bit I'm probably going to watch Hallmark Movie Channel (because I love their sweet movies) or wedding shows on TLC while I paint, go for my night run, and then get in some Bible reading time that I'm craving so much of.

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