Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Pursuit of True Love

An unending love I seek.
A beloved with whom my heart can beat.
To feel complete.
To overflow.
An unending true love I seek.
That which this world can not offer.
For that I hunger.
I ran and ran to look for love.
I searched and searched with no one to hug.
I was tossed around by the wind.
Then suddenly I fell into true loves first kiss.
Heaven and earth once again met.
Outstretched arms held me tight.
I lifted up my eyes.
My best friend.
My lover. My prince. 
All in one.
I will pursue Him with all my love.

(Hosea 2:14) 
“Therefore I am now going to allure her; 
I will lead her into the wilderness 
and speak tenderly to her.

(Hosea 2:16)
“In that day,” declares the Lord,
    “you will call me ‘my husband’;
    you will no longer call me ‘my master.

(Hosea 2:19-20)
I will betroth you to me forever;
    I will betroth you in righteousness 
and justice, in love and compassion.
 I will betroth you in faithfulness,
    and you will acknowledge the Lord.

 I'm browsing through my Itunes and listening to some songs by Bethel, Eunice Rodriguez, and United Pursuit. Busy busy but a good break does the heart some good. I've been thinking...

True Love. I want this so bad. Whether God has someone in the future for me or not I hit a place in my heart where I just said, Lord I'm going to love you regardless, I'm going to worship you regardless. When we're called to God's purposes all of the crazy, messy, beautiful, and just plain odd things will come together in the end for our good. His word says it so I believe it. I've seen it before so why would any other case be different? I'm in the pursuit of true love. I want to constantly keep the fire burning in my heart so that the joy of my salvation never fades. And trust, things have tried to burn out my handy dandy candle. What The Lord has been placing in my heart is that He is my husband. This really hit me hard. For so long I wanted someone to touch when all this time that special someone was walking right beside me. I'm married. Bam! Right? It was like He was saying: Be faithful to me, I'm your best friend, be a friend back because it's my utmost desire to be with you. My love life???...hmmm...I want God to be my love life right now. I want the well and I need the well right now, not a bucket. I'm in pursuit of true love and the definition of love is my sweet Jesus. He's The One I need right now. Some days these words resonate while other days my heart aches because of what my heart wants but in that wilderness, in that visible solitude God is at work. The moment we feed our Spirit Man He takes over and our heart is at peace and the way we perceive our surroundings changes. I pray for a mind renewal in the wildernesses of our lives and for true love to come forth. That's a good place to start, falling in love with The Lord. And if we're already head over heals in love, let's go further and deeper. There's no end. There's always more we can give and there's always more we can be given.

"The wilderness will contain our greatest difficulties,
but also some of our most glorious experiences."
                                                                                               -Rick Joyner 


  1. Beautifully said! And I loveeee those verses!The Love Letter God left us is so special and so amazing <3 He calls us His bride. So special! Also read Isaiah 54:5-6. Love that verse along these lines too <3

    God has been showing me a lot on this topic. How He is the ultimate Lover. Such a special relationship. Come on, what boyfriend can paint in the sky beautiful unique and colorful sunsets and sunrises? All because He loves us so much, He still paints those sunsets and sunrises, as gifts of His love for us. Even if we don't see it that evening or dawn, He STILL paints them for us. He STILL shows signs and gives gifts to show of His love and His admiration for us, even if we refuse to receive them. He pursues us without doubt or question. What TRUE love...

    All my friends are dating and are in relationships. Even though I am only 16 I still wonder sometimes where my Warrior is, and when God will bring him to me. I wonder why suddenly all my friends jumped into relationships. Sometimes I struggle because as we all hang out, I'm the only one not with a guy, and it can be awkward, because as they all chat together I'm the third wheel to all their relationships. But ya know, on the other hand, I'm blessed and happy to not be dating. I'm free! Free from that becoming a distraction in my walk with Christ. I'm young, I have a long while to go, and I'm gonna spend this long while soaking myself in God's presence and love. Growing closer to my Lover, who can distract me from the world. I rather be distracted by Jesus than being caught up and distracted by a worldly relationship. Bottom line, for when I meet my Warrior: our relationship is centered around Jesus. It has to exist because of Jesus. And Jesus WILL be the center. We will not together just become in love with each other, getting distracted, but will together fall more deeply in love with our Jesus, bringing honor and glory to His name.
    What's the point of being in a relationship if not its not seriously about Jesus and being a team to glorify Jesus.
    So God has been showing me a lot lately on how I can use this time not wishing for my Warrior, but using this time to grow in an even closer and deeper relationship with the True Lover <3

    1. @Lizzie
      Snap girl! Thanks for sharing this!:)Love those Isaiah verses they so tie in together. I truly believe that God has an individual plan for each of us that is so complex. And I love what Jesus has to say about marriage and singleness. My life involved having my first and so far only boyfriend at 16 and I was so not looking for Him but we met in church and he was persistent lol. Exactly the words that you're saying is how I thought before I met him and how I continue to feel. Things didn't go the way I planned and it's been hard but after 5 years of knowing each other we're still friends and we still worship together. The process is long and for me it's been beautiful as well as hurtful and so far from what I hoped but it's made me who I am. The good as well as the bad God has used to work together for my good but if we can avoid the bad we should. There's nothing more exciting and fulfilling than falling in love with Jesus, really. That relationship is the purest that could ever be and it's from that faithfulness that we learn to one day be faithful to someone else if God wills it. I admire your way of thinking Lizzie, never lose that. Singleness is something to be proud of. Don't get me wrong it's truly a beautiful thing to share your love and life with another person but to share it for a lifetime in God's time is as close to perfection as we can get. And dido on that thing you said about how a relationship should glorify the Lord if not there's no point. I couldn't agree more. That person that we want to share our lives with should partner with us in God's will and vision. Thanks for sharing!:)

  2. I agree, it is good to have that someone to be that friend and helper along the way. To bring glory to God and pursue God's work for the kingdom together. But it is not our duty to FIND that someone and waste life wondering where he is. God is writing our love stories, and He holds the special pen.
    That is very awesome that you met someone when 16. Yes, even following God's plan and purpose and honoring Him in the relationship will be hard because its a battle to have Jesus the center. But it is so worth it. We learn and grow so much through the hardships. Yes, God DOES use every hard circumstance for His glory, and makes it beautiful in the end. <3

    1. @Lizzie
      This is a really touchy subject for many but I really do love getting into it and talking about this with other godly young women. Couldn't agree more, as daughters of the most high king it's just sad for us to be chasing after a man...just not very becoming lol. We don't wanna be desperate to have that king like the israelites did, trading up the living God for a mortal man. Scary thought lol. Although girls will be girls & guys will be guys I think we can both agree that to live above those stereotypes is a beautifully inspiring thing. If Jesus offers us the slightest opportunity to go deeper with Him then that's just something worth while that I don't want to pass up. Besides when we're so caught up in loving Jesus, walking along His path, we're bound to bump into someone walking along this same walk. God's timing is perfect. And yes, His pen is way better than ours hands down. :)

  3. Haha no, chasing after guys is not a very becoming and ladylike picture lol. YES! I love how you worded that! "When we're so caught up in loving Jesus, walking along HIS path, we're bound to bump into someone walking along this same walk." So true! I want to be racing towards God and His holy Kingdom, so focused and not distracted, that it takes me a minute to realize there is my Warrior whom God brought in HIS timing, running along side me at the same pace and running in the same path, towards Jesus, the Maker <3 I don't want to awaken from my "waiting" just whenever. I can't wait to be awaken from my sleeping in God's arms of waiting to God's whisper telling me that its time and my Warrior has arrived.
    Another thing that is sooo important that we don't lower our standards to just any dude that says he's a Christian JUST because he goes to church. Don't lower your faith for that dude. Its STILL in God's timing! Don't jump ahead! I wanna be sooo in tune with God's voice and His presence that I don't even wonder where my Warrior is. I don't need to get distracted thinking about him. God is my King. He Is the ONLY One that will satisfy the longing in my heart. The love we hunger for is not worldly, though we search for love in boys, in friendships, in stuff, that love we're longing for is Heavenly. It can ONLY be satisfied by God's great and overwhelming love <3 He created us with that hole in our hearts for a reason. Not so we can stuff it with fillers and try to find the contentment in worldly things. But so He can show us His love. So He can fill the hole with His perfect fitting of love. So we can be completely and totally satisfied in beautiful love. Contentment is ONLY found in Jesus <3

    1. @Lizzie
      Lol! Beautifully said Lizzie, love it! I totally pictured what you just said about a warrior and I love how you worded that, powerful statement. Awesome picture!!! Exactly! That whole first dude thing is exactly right. Some people view contemptment as an I give up standard or a borderline happy but His love is an overflow that never stops giving. I'm excited to go deeper. Super encouraging words that I for one admire. Let the hole overflow lol :)


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