Friday, September 13, 2013

It's Finally Here!

I'm officially 2 decades old! Gosh! If that statement doesn't make me feel old I don't know what will. I've pre-written this and scheduled it so I'm not really the birthday girl until Friday September 13th, when y'all actually get to see this post. This is the day a dream, an idea, birthed out of the heart of God came to be. From the secret place I said farewell and see you soon to my heavenly Daddy and was sent to earth to my family. I'm so grateful. I feel into loving, Godly arms. It's a quiet gratitude that is slowly but surely spilling over year after year, day after day, moment after moment. Every year on this day I say I feel the same but I feel and look different. I'm just not the same. I've been molded. Shaped. Torn. Re-made. The little girl I once was is no more but I like this girl so much more...she's been touched by God. She's like clay in the Potter's hands. What word's of wisdom can I say other than these:'s been quite an unbelievable journey and the path has been narrow. Things (special as well as hurtful) I've had to leave behind to follow the path toward my sweet Jesus. It's been a different kind of freedom along this path, one that I would not trade for anything. It's freedom to truly live and love. The "things" that I've left behind do not compare to the love and security I feel knowing that no matter what God is with me. I've learned that though the walk may seem lonely at times in actuality it's so not because the whole time Jesus is walking right beside us, our gaze often lingers elsewhere though. I've learned that earthly relationships (family, friends, special someone) are temporary so it's best to show the love of Christ while we can because when we've freely been given love it's only natural for us to freely give it back. I've learned that walls are terrible things to build between us and God and that every day is a new day to let God tear them down, do some lovin', so they never go up again. God makes all things beautiful in His perfect timing. Time is not ours but God's, and I like it better that way. I like Him being in complete control. I'm feeling pretty reflective right now so...

How bout I promise to post some fun updates this weekend?
I promise. Updates to be continued on this post Saturday.
God bless!




I spent a fun quiet evening with my Mom, Dad, and sister. They asked if I wanted a party as usual but I just wasn't feeling it. I just wanted to soak in so many new things with those who have truly been with me since day 1. I really loved talking with my parents at the table, opening an unexpectedly hidden present, reading the Word of God together, having a B-B-Q under our roof as September rain made its grand entrance. There were so many things for my to thank God for. One of my favorites was weighing in on my birthday and realizing that I had shed 6 lbs in four weeks. That was a good moment. The process. The process. God just makes it all work out.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my lanta, you're 20!!! No more being a teen!!! Yay!!!
    Birthdays are always perfect reflection moments to look back on your life and see and realize how Jesus has His hand upon you since day one.
    God is so good in promising to lead us through life without abandoning us. Even when we choose to leave His side, even when we hurt who He is, even when we sin day and night, even though our hearts can be ugly and dark. He does NOT abandon us. He's always behind us, whispering to us to come back to His arms where safety is and where He will soak away the dirt by drenching us in His love <3 what a King. I have no words!
    He's been overwhelming me so much this week with His presence and love. I'm not a very emotional person, but man, the King has had me in joyful tears of awe every day this week! He is so precious <3 and His love and goodness ensures forever!

    Happy Birthday Deya! May God's presence and love be overwhelming to you this week. And praying God would richly bless you with His special goodness and love <3

    P.S. Today was my first recording session with the music Pastor! I know its random, bit wanted to let ya know (: got the rough draft of the song done professionally! God is good and to be praised! Now next week it will be edited and maybe more instruments will be added!!! Praise God! I'm so excited that HIS work can be professionally done and He will be glorified by many when its reaches CD form!

    1. @Lizzie
      Awwww thanks Lizzie:)! Yup still a teen at heart but unfortunately age never takes a break lol. It has its perks though. And thanks for keeping me in your prayers because His love so did overwhelm me in so many good ways. Plus so glad to hear the good news!!! Keep at it girl, so happy with what the Lord is blessing you with. Amazing!!! No doubt that God makes everything beautiful in His time. Best of wishes for your new album and for whatever else God plans on doing in your life. Total awesomeness!!


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