Friday, September 27, 2013

Worship Freely Tunes {20}

Ok. If you've been on my facebook or instagram recently then you know that I can not, I repeat...can not, get this song out of my head! Last night all of our internet was out and all I had left was my handy dandy cell. I had to search for some info about Carl Rogers for my Abnormal Psychology class and low and behold I find myself a song on my history that I never searched for. Hmmm...Coincidence? I think not. You know those moments when you can't explain why you give something so insignificant your full attention? My moment right there. I went to youtube and typed in the song title and I almost wanted to cry when I heard this song. I slumped down in my bed and thought, my Jesus...It was like my spirit spoke. Hope y'all enjoy!

"Love Knows No End"- Hillsong

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