Saturday, October 26, 2013

Worship Freely Tunes {22}

I'm a little late on the music pick for this week but here it is and I guarantee that it was worth the wait...I love these people's hearts for the Lord. Their music makes me smile and I agree: There's something about what's homemade that makes things so much better. Bringing our intimacy with God to the public. Love it, truly.

"Second Chance"- Rend Collective Experiment

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Process: Loving People & Giving Your Life in Prayer

At one point along our spiritual journey we will all come face to face with the realization of what love really means. I'm talking about moving in God's powerful, transforming, and sin-covering love. Whether someone in your family hurts you, your best friend betrays you, your brother and sister's in Christ speak falsely against you the reality is we're in a hurting world that is crying out for the real children of God to rise up and take their place. The children of God that forgive seven times seventy times, that speak life, that pursue holiness, that move in the spirit, that walk in faith, that promote true peace, that go forth in spiritual warfare, that pray without ceasing, and that love. And that love. And that love. And that love! The sooner we realize that the moment we decide to follow Jesus we're all automatically walking as a work in progress along the narrow road, the sooner we can receive grace and give it to other's. Because we are all like clay jars in the hands of the potter, being perfected in Christ until Jesus returns for us, His bride. All of us. I've struggled with this and I've seen other children of God battle with this type of attitude: Well at least now we're on the road you know so we're ok. No. Oh, no. I was so wrong thinking this. We are all being perfected and whether we'd like to suppress the fact or not, we all have a plank in our eye that still needs to be removed before we can take care of our brother's or sister's plank. God is becoming strong in our weaknesses day by day as we're seeking Him so as we walk forth lets encourage one other, rebuke in love, forgive, and move forward. I'm going through something so difficult right now that if you were to have told me growing up what was to come I would have fled in fear. I can trust God with my life's picture now. I can trust God with the people I love and know that even though I thought my plan was beautiful for them God's is spectacular and full of glory. There's a scripture that the Holy Spirit has been bringing to me through this rough time and it is...

(Luke 6:31) Do to others as you would have them do to you.

This verse has been becoming flesh in me. Forgive as you would like to be forgiven. Love as you would like to be loved. Encourage as you would like to be encouraged. Live the life that you would like to see others live in Christ. These are true words but accomplishing them  is easier said than done. The only way that I can explain to you how I'm doing this is by telling you that through my process I've faced situations where I know I should forgive but couldn't so I prayed and literally cried out with all my heart for God to do in me what I couldn't and I've failed miserably sometimes. But as time has past and I've matured in faith doing the impossible has become possible because the one who makes things possible is invading my heart and emotions more and more. Simple truths of maturing in Christ are prayer, fasting, and filling ourselves with God's Word. The gospel. Jesus. As you walk more and more you won't have to ask WWJD because His Word will slowly become flesh the more you read, fast, pray, and apply

There's one well known fact that we have all come to know and if you haven't trust, you will know: When we face hard times we come to know who our true friends are. I'm here to tell you that when you go through trials or you or someone you love stumbles you will realize who's a mature christian, who's not, and who never was.  Those that rebuke you in love and stand by your side by breathing Christ's redemptive power and loving grace into your life I would define as mature christians because though they too are walking in the process, the Spirit of God is at work in them revealing to them Christ-like character that is visible. The proof is in the fruit. I've been doing some things that are completely out of my character and human nature that I can only accredit to Jesus in me. I don't feel rejected and betrayed when everything in this world says I should. My culture says one thing but God's culture is above it all. I've talked to people who I thought I'd never talk to. I'm stepping into places I never in a million years thought I'd step into. And I feel peace when I really shouldn't. I really shouldn't. It isn't normal. It's God. Only God could do this!

Continual prayer has sustained me, I know. Talking to God when I wake, as I shower, in the car, between meals and classes, before bed, and during the night when I wake up and feel my spirit itching to be fed. Right now I'm battling for my best friend, praying that God's will be done in his life no matter what that looks like in God's eyes. In my eyes that picture should be so scary right now but any moment I begin to worry or he comes to my mind or I look up and see our bracelet I just pray. I don't want to block what God is doing so I pray for God's will to be done, for repentance and for a miracle. I can see that these months that I've spent specifically praying for him have been crucial because God is rearranging things not the way I wanted or would have planned but the way He knows is best. I'm thankful to have another friend who has gone through what I'm going through and is in prayer agreement with me and lifting me up and pouring out grace. I'm thankful for blessings in the middle of chaos and for love and forgiveness. My desire is to really reflect Jesus through this and while others abandon ship, I want to stand at the forefront. Even if someone doesn't know how to return love...just love like Jesus. I woke up reading The Word and the same part of a verse kept being confirmed during my morning. I'm taking a hold of it and battling through this. I encourage you today with Luke 18:1 that tells us that we should "always pray and not give up." Jesus said this. Don't give up! If an unbelieving cruel judge can be swayed by a persistent widow, will not our heavenly Father hear our prayers if Jesus made a way for us? He hears. Keep praying and let His picture be revealed in His timing. Don't lose heart. God bless and much love in Christ!

Friday, October 18, 2013

We Are Young But God is God

I've got nothing.That's a scary thought. When you feel like you have nothing to say. Like you can't explain how you feel. It's moments like these when we've got to inject ourselves with what God says. When we fill ourselves with truth suddenly our outlook on life changes. When we worship God on a daily basis with our song, with our dance, with our thoughts, with our bodies the God of all creativity begins to pour himself out on us. It's easy to get distracted and then just run with the motions of life even in our relationship with God but we can not forget that if we were created in His presence then it is only there with Him that we can come to life. For He is the God of the living. When you and I start to feel dry or like we have nothing more to offer it's time to draw near to our Lord, sit at the table and start talking. Invite The Holy Spirit to be with you no matter where you are. He's just waiting for your invite. Whatever darkness there is in us is like light to God and the more time we spend with Him the more He will invade. Wherever you go, invite the Holy Spirit and whether it is good or bad He will reveal these things to you, but you've got to let Him in to every detail of your life. Sometimes I feel like a broken record repeating myself but really the moment we realize that only a relationship with God will give us direction and the answers we need is the moment we will no longer depend on second-hand information. We can't depend on man to give us answers no matter how much revelation they have because God created us individually to have an individual relationship with each of us. 

I've learned something along my walk that I want to share with you. What The Holy Spirit has shown me is that when it comes to the children of God, He will never use a person to tell us something that He hasn't already been revealing to us first. Anything or anybody that gives us a word after that is only to serve as confirmation. So I encourage you to build your relationship with God deeper and deeper so that you become rooted in Him and won't be tossed back and forth like the wind by teachings and pretty words. Your spirit discerns what is of God and what isn't so we've got to listen carefully and be sensitive. I've walked away from so called "amazing opportunities" not because I'm crazy or scared but because God hasn't given me the green light. People of God have actually told me, "if you're waiting for an angel of God to descend from heaven and tell you to go, you're gonna be waiting all your life." I couldn't help but smile because I never thought...craziness, just craziness. You see I could have rationalized what they were saying and just gone along because these people in the natural sense are older, people of God, and dangling recordings and youth pastor titles for me in my face, but my spirit man was uneasy and rejecting this screaming no!!! in my heart. God has clearly spoken to me in the past and has confirmed things to me so for this to be said tells me this: there is no relationship with God or the relationship has grown cold. We have to learn that things aren't always what they seem and neither are people. Be on your guard always because in all reality it's not people we need to to guard ourselves from, it's the enemy who is standing right behind. For our battles are not against flesh and blood.The things of God are being done with the absence of His spirit and that right there is scary. His Word tells us that His people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. We can memorize scripture all we want because it's a powerful tool that we need but only the Spirit of God can reveal to us the exact word that we need for the present season. So while we're busy storing up we also need to listen and let God do the writing on the tablet of our heart.

(Luke 4:1-2) 
Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by 
the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days 
he was tempted by the devil.

So, when you and I are full of the spirit we will be led by the spirit. The Holy Spirit was upon Jesus in overflow mode. Full of the Spirit Jesus entered a different kind of season where all that His father had revealed to Him was about to be put to the test. For 40 days Jesus had to put up with Satan's lies. I imagine Satan taunting Him during the day and trying to scare Him during the hours of the night. I had a dream once about a year ago that I want to share. There was a spiritual battle going on in my room that I couldn't see with my eyes but I could clearly feel and discern with my spirit. I felt a heavy presence in my room surrounding me that would not let me sleep. I got a sudden urge to cover up my feet and I knew this feeling from a few years back when a battled with this because I was not right with God. This time I knew that me and God were together and I was right with Him so I had no explanation for it. I literally began to think I had done something wrong but I shut that lie out quick. A few years back I would have run to my mom's room and asked her to pray and sleep with me but I had matured in the faith since then and I knew this was something I had to take before the Lord because I had to learn to depend on Him. I must have been 18 or close to 19 years old when this happened so remember we are not defined by our age but by our walk with God. I wasn't fully baptized with the Holy Spirit yet so I couldn't begin to battle in the spirit and talk in tongues like my parents so I did what I had always seen my mom do and rebuked the devil out loud and declared that I was covered by the blood of Jesus. A peace instantly filled my heart and I was convinced that God was right there with me. I'm pretty sure before I closed my eyes I had to have asked God to reveal the unknown to me because I drifted off into a dream. In this dream I could see myself sleeping on my bed but suddenly I felt uneasy because surrounding my bed was this huge lion, roaring and pacing back and forth at the edge of my bed. I was so scared and freaking out inside but all of a sudden, and I just can't forget this: all of a sudden I heard a peaceful, deep, resounding voice that spoke to me, "It's okay, go back to sleep. The enemy can do all he wants to try to scare you but he can't get on your bed and he can't touch you." In my dream I fell asleep after hearing God's voice. I knew it was my Jesus reassuring me that He was watching over me. That's the best picture that I can use to describe having peace in the middle of a storm.

We see later three examples of how the enemy tried to tempt Jesus' flesh but because Jesus submitted His flesh to God through fasting and prayer He rejected the lies. How He rejected the lies is what excites me the most! I'm giddy literally! Seriously that's the first time I've used that word. I get a lot a bit passionate about Jesus. Anyway...He just smacked the smirk off Satan's face! The difference between the devil and Jesus is not found in knowing the Word because Jesus is the Word and Satan knows the Word because He used to worship Him. Satan threw out scriptures but Jesus threw out revealed scriptures. Full of the Holy Spirit Jesus spoke the Word that God wanted Him to know for the exact moment. There will always be times when we are bombarded by verses but only through a relationship with God can we come to know which applies when. Spirit revealed knowledge of God's Word is what will silence the noise around us that tries to drag us back and forth. The same God of yesterday is today and what He did then He continues to do today. The amazing miracles that Jesus did are being done today through His Holy Spirit and I've seen it. Never forget:

(1 Timothy 4:12) 
Don’t let anyone look down on you because 
you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech
in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

Do you know what God is saying to us all right here?! Look, it doesn't matter how literally old or young you are or how little or how much spiritual maturity you have at this point in and now I have called you to be an example! I have called you to be a light and shine bright on a stand regardless of whether others think you're worthy or not. They didn't call you, I did. They didn't anoint you, I did! Your God, your Creator, your savior, and redeemer. I'm here with you, walking along the same narrow road by your side shaping you along the way. So be an example to everyone who's watching, especially to your brothers and sisters in the faith. Let me change the way you talk, act around others, the way you love, the way you believe in me, and let me help you stay pure and be my holy bride here on earth. You just have to let me. Because I want to kill those old habits that hinder you from walking straight with me. I want to show you real freedom that doesn't come from a tattoo or from walking around YOLO ing everything. Just come to me I am your way, your truth, and your light. Don't forget why I saved you! There are lost souls and weary believers who need you to wake up and depend on my strength. You are young but I am who I am. So if I am who I am let all that I am change you. Let all that I am be enough for you. I desire with all my heart for people to be encouraged by your words and not tripped up. Stop trying to just get by and see how much you can get away with before it's considered a sin. Let me show you freedom. You don't need to talk like everyone else does to be heard, mu authority is enough and will get it done for you. A half truth won't change anybody because it's a lie. I want to put the whole truth that I am in you. Give out that truth and people will never be the same and will forever be changed. I desire for others to see the way you act when you're at church, at school, at work, or anywhere else and say I can see God! That will change lives! I want to show you what love really means so that you make no exceptions or preferences and so that even those who dub themselves unlovable come to know me through you. They will know forgiveness because I will give you a supernatural measure that will leave people baffled and knowing that it could only be Me in you. I'm going to show you that you can trust Me so that your faith will increase and like a child you will believe everything I tell you so that you won't be quick to run after the voice of the other. As your faith pleases Me My glory will invade and my kingdom will be established in you and through out the earth. I want to use you! Lastly, I know you can't stay pure without me in a world that promotes impurity and that is why you need to be fully baptized in my Holy Spirit. I did not bring you this far so that you could run away or give in, be bold! My Holy Spirit will teach you what is right and true so that those around you will not stumble by looking at your life but will look and be inspired to keep moving forward. You may be young but I am still God.

(Luke 10:18-21) 
He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 
I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions 
and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 
However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice 
that your names are written in heaven.” At that time Jesus, full of joy 
through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven 
and earth, because you have hidden these things from the 
wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. 
Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Worship Freely Tunes {21}

I love Hillsong's new album Young & Free. I mean, really. If you wanna dance for The Lord put this album on replay keep it on loop and you won't be able to contain yourself. It's not about following some movement, it's about embracing who the Lord created us to be and the fact that in Jesus we truly are young and free through His sacrifice, love, and grace. We are free because Jesus took our place, so let's walk in His freedom. Here's one of my favorite songs off the album, hope you guys enjoy!

"Wake"- Hillsong Young & Free

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Promise. Don't Look Back Anymore.

 Me: But Lord what about—?

God: Shh shh...

Me: But God I don't get—?

God: Shh... It's ok. I get it.

Me: So how is this gonna work out?

God: It just will. Just love me.

Me: God I do love you...but it's so confusing!!!

God: I'm not confusing beloved...I'm what you need. I'm what you've always needed, really.

Me: You are God. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I've let my questions come between us. Forgive me.

Jesus: I already did baby 2,000 years ago. I took care of your doubts, insecurities, and rebellions. Be free!

Me: Aww, my sweet Jesus please don't even start with that because you know I'm gonna start balling out. I love you! I love you! I love you!!!

Jesus: I love you more! I promise. Everything will come together so beautifully. We've planned it since before your birth in the secret place when you laughed and sang with us. We looked at you, smiled and wrote with true love in mind. You don't remember those things but it's all been taken care of. Don't look back anymore.

Holy Spirit: Didn't I tell you that you were dearly loved? Girl, we're crazy about you! Face it. Your heart is ours and we aren't letting go. We love you! Just remember who loved you first.

Me: I feel better. You guys always know how to make me feel better. The truth is, what's behind me is both good and bad so I find myself thinking about the good things. But then I think about the fact that You said in Your word not to look back and desire to return to the good old days. Lord I want to go from glory to glory. Why? Why do I sometimes feel like what's behind and past is as good as it's gonna get? How do I tackle that Lord?

Holy Spirit: The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Keep feeding your spirit the way you have and every doubt and fear will flee. If you find yourself traveling back in your thoughts: Stop, think about my love, declare what I've promised you. Talk to me. When you're silent because you feel overwhelmed just talk to me. We've got this battle won. I know this world tries to pull you away from trusting me but don't let it! Remember I love you. Never forget. How can you, right? I will always keep reminding you.

Me: My heart is Yours. Lead the way...Oh, wait! Can we have breakfast first?

Holy Spirit: Oh yeah you eat! Sure let's go!

Me: Ha! I love you...


(Luke 1:37) 
"For no word from God will ever fail.”

(Luke 1:45) 
"Blessed is she who has believed that 
the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

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