Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Year Has Come and Gone

There is a time for everything under the sun. King Solomon knew exactly what he was talking about. I've been stuck in time, persevering while in a season of patient endurance. God's waiting room is nothing like one of a hospital because we're on treadmills: running toward a goal yet firmly grounded. If I could share everything that I've been through my dear bloggers...Let's just say there's not enough time in a day. One day I'm sure I'll share the testimony of what I'm facing right now but until then all I can say is that I'm going to lift up my eyes to the heavens. I'm going to keep running toward the finish line of this circumstance. It's a new year, yet my season hasn't ended and it's about time to start writing again. It's been a good break y'all but I'm so happy to be back. What I've learned...everything's been worth it. The suffering, the trials, and the sowing. It's almost reaping time! My year ended with another death in the family, my abuelito or as we say "guelito" (grandpa). My best friend still so far away being transformed by God. The finishing of my Bible. Purchasing some mics and a new electric guitar for our ministry. Writing some new songs. Signing up for the Spring Semester. A possible new job at the Naturopathy Healing Center. So many things that have brought me God's joy in the midst of trials. I want to encourage you today, persevere. We've come too far to give up and the future glory far outweighs the present sufferings!  But no matter where you are God is near and loves to be near.

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