Friday, July 18, 2014

Seeking God & Journaling This Morning

I woke up around 7:00 AM this morning as I usually do to take my puppy Cody outside. I usually wake up even early so needless to say, great morning. I made my self some Nopalitos (cactus) and egg, prayed, and then went back upstairs to my room. I grabbed a hold of my Bible and as always, asked the Lord for what He wanted to share with me today. As I began to read I couldn't help myself...I had to go for my journal. After I did some writing and meditating I was so fired up that I knew I had to share my journal entry with y'all. So here it is, just as I wrote it. The Holy Spirit was just pouring out the Father's desires on my heart all morning. Freedom is a beautiful gift that comes with great responsibility.

God, through salvation in Jesus Christ, has given me [FREEDOM]: 
The state of no longer being imprisoned or enslaved to receive 
the power and right to act, speak, or think as I want without hindrance or restraint.
But God says: Let me show you what to do with my freedom that is now yours. 
I am completely paraphrasing what the Lord showed me this morning in 
(1 Corinthians 10:23-24).

Don't seek what's good for you, but instead, 
go after what's good for others. 
Even though I have given you the right to do anything, 
not everything is beneficial nor constructive. 
Not everything makes personal and social 
well-being possible to result in good. 
Not everything promotes improvement 
and development in order to build up.

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  1. Great verses! Thanks for sharing! I thought it was interesting that you ate cactus for breakfast! That would certainly be a novelty to me here in Iowa!

    1. Thanks so much Bethany! :) LOL...I can imagine how weird eating cactus sounds. Yeah cactus and egg are pretty common down here in the valley for the mexican culture. We cut off the skin, cut them in pieces, boil them in water, and then cook them with the eggs. Pretty long process but oober healthy and yummy. I've never been to Iowa though but definitely must one day!!

  2. Hey Deya! Its been a while since I've been on blogger due to a lot of work and summer activities going on in life :)

    But I read your comment on my blog. And I'm so happy that God confirmed things to you through my post. I'm sorry the last few months have been hard. But I'm also glad to hear God has been moving even deeper and more powerfully in you. I know...I agree, sometimes how He shows us His promises, His truth, and His love is through painful trials.
    Prayer is sooo powerful isn't it?! God has also shown me a lot on prayer lately. I agree! I often pray like crazy to get through pain or whatever trial I'm in. But God doesn't intent our prayers to end there. He wants us to continue in prayerful mindsets ALL the time.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog <3 I think its so special how God has connected us through blogging. You are literally one of the kindest girls out there. So thank you fr your encouragement and being my friend even as I'm a few years younger than you ;) a lot of people when they hit 19/20 they write off anyone younger than themselves. Ya know what I mean? But you are seriously sooo encouraging and loving! God is definitely evident in your life! And it is my prayer and desire is to be the same way when I'm older. Make friends with all different ages :) hahaha! I hope that makes sense ;) you're pretty awesome though. So keep following Jesus and shining your bright light for Him wherever you are :)

    1. Awwww Lizzie you definitely just made my day!!! For real, your words just touched my heart. I totally got you and thank you for your sweet words. It's always awesome getting to talk with you and really missed catching up. There's definitely no ages in ministry, always lifted up by what God shows you and it has been a blessing in my life also to have met such an amazing friend through blogger. You have such a genuine love for the Lord and it shows through. So happy to read about what God has been doing in your life!!! Plus yay! Noticed that you started following me on instagram. I already sent you a request. I am truly thankful for God's goodness in both our lives and for Him listening to m endless rambling when I pray lol. Talk to u soon Lizzie, as always, super happy to hear from you girl!

    2. Aw I'm glad my words made your day :) its just pure truth that I wanted to express to you because you are pretty amazing ;)
      You're really sweet! Its my deepest prayer that my love for Jesus would pour out even through the internet world. :)

      I'm glad I could follow you on instagram :) I got your friend request and I did decline it not to be rude. So please don't be offended. I seriously would loveeee to let you follow me but its a family rule to not let anyone you don't know in person let follow your instagram. Only because there are a lot of personal family pictures and stuff. literally would probably be the only one I don't know in person I would really enjoy having you as a follower though ;) I feel like we know each other in person! But its a family sorry...its totally nothing to do with you personally. I hope you get what I mean. Maybe you could request one more time and I'll see what my mom thinks if I accepted you haha ;) we'll see what my mom thinks. And if I end up declining you again, its nothing against you personally...
      Its just our family has been through a lot so there are a lot of safety rules :) hope I haven't confused you too terribly ;)

    3. Thanks Lizzie!!! And oops sorry...I was off blogger for a few days and barely got to read. I accidentally sent another request on instagram thinking I hadn't sent it because it never showed up. And no prob girl, I totally understand. God bless you so much!!! :)


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