Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School: Worship, Clothes, Life

Tuesday was my first day back at the University and even through some craziness (which I will speak of next time) I had an awesome day filled with the joy of the Lord. Truly God has just been showing me how to continually have joy in the midst of hard times or even the things I don't understand. When we trust God and delight in Him a mind-boggling peace and joy floods our souls. I had been pretty busy going school supply and clothes shopping with my younger sister Angie, taking care of my puppy Cody, and just doing life. 

Last week my boyfriend and I got to meet up with one of our old friends Edwin who we hadn't seen in two years. We met while we were helping out a local church in our area put their worship band together and we were there leading worship for a couple months. We got in contact through facebook and took a pizza over to his house and had an amazing time in fellowship and listening and talking about Bethel music and maybe even going up to their Supernatural School of Worship in Redding, California together sometime in the near future. As most of you know that has been my dream for so long and I'm still believing God for it. I really wanted to go this summer but the Lord just pressed upon me that I had His vision but He had the timing so I let go and I've just been focused on falling more in love with God and really a lot of character building. So back to our friend Edwin...the three of us had such a blast that we decided to get together the next day at my mom's salon. Because we recently moved all of our instruments from the garage to one of the rooms there, we got together and just worshiped God. On the spot we played Our Father by Bethel without any previous practice and we just flowed into God's beautiful presence and spontaneously sang new songs. It was awesome and brought back so many good memories. After that, Edwin invited us to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and I ate a Caesar salad while the boys went all out on their chili cheese dogs with fries. We just kept talking about how God was working in each of our lives and began to minister to one another. Truly blessed to have such good friends. 

On another note...I started school this semester with a whole new wardrobe that I'm so excited about. I've never been a big flashy designer type of girl but I do like dressing nice in a way that reflects God and my personal character. I've grown so much these couple of years and right now my closet is a holder of jean jackets, skirts of both long and medium length, maxi dresses of various colors, flats, sneakers, sandals...etc. This semester holds a lot of fun surprises that I am beyond eager to share with you all. This weekend I'll be more detailed, I promise. For now I'm just going to start getting ready to head of to school and ending this post with a big God bless you!


  1. Sounds like a great time of music with your boyfriend and Edwin! I love jamming--it is so neat how old friends, and even people who just met can play music and sing together in jamming sessions!

    Looks like your closet is pretty well organized and has some nice pieces! I try to dress nicely, but have a problem with creativity: whenever I find something I like I wear it over and over and buy or make clothes in the exact same style so I can wear one while the other is washing! :D I do buy more interesting clothes once in a while but they're usually assigned jobs as "closet decorators!"

    1. I totally agree Bethany, it's so cool seeing how God can just bring different people together out of nowhere. Yeah jammin' out with friends is definitely a blast! I can completely agree with you on the buying many different colors of a favorite thing while one is in the wash haha. Wow, you make your own clothes...that's really cool! I always wanted to learn how to sew but for some reason never could, that's awesome. I can definitely relate to having some of those closet decorators!

  2. Love this---"When we trust God and delight in Him a mind-boggling peace and joy floods our souls." I also love your stuffed animal collection--I still have a Teddy Bear from when I was 4 and a variety of other 'animals' :)
    May God draw you closer to Him this school year.
    PS: Bethany, your comment about "closet decorators" made me smile:) I have some of those too!

    1. It's pretty funny glad we could all agree on having some nice closet decorators lol. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Aimee, prayer is always needed and welcomed, I appreciate it so much! Oh and those stuffed animals...yeah I can't bear to throw them out, they're too special haha I can totally relate.


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