Friday, August 8, 2014

Christian Wedding Song List: English & Spanish

Instead of doing my usual "Worship Freely Tunes" this Friday, I was inspired to make a list of my favorite Christian songs that someone could play at their wedding. My best friend who is like a sister to me is getting married next Saturday and just a while ago she asked me what songs I recommend. She's honestly the best-est friend God could have sent me. She's always been there to encourage me and pray with me. Congratulations Lynette! I wish you so many blessed years with your hubby. I am so honored to be that girl's bridesmaid! So these songs that I'm sharing with y'all are my favorites and I plan to play them at my wedding someday.  I decided to do English and Spanish songs because of my bi-cultural background.When it comes to the music that I listen to (because of my relationship with God, the fact that I sing, and music is my life) who I'm inspired by musically really matters to me. The problem that I tend to see the most when it comes to a christian couple wanting to celebrate their wedding is song choice. We all love praise and worship music but couples also want romantic music that talks about their relationship and this should not have to be separate from God. God is the creator of love and music so the two should go hand in hand, glorifying Christ and bringing joy to a couple's hearts. You don't have to settle for Music that's created by people who don't have a relationship with God just because of their catchy lyrics and melodies. I really hope y'all enjoy these tunes. If you know some songs that you'd love for future readers to skim through then feel free to leave them in a comment bellow. Blessings!

[If you're looking for christian instrumental music
then I recommend buying Pianissimo Brothers' 
"50 Beautiful Songs For A Christian Wedding".]


1). "Dancing In The Minefields"- Andrew Peterson
2). "Chasing You"- Jenn Johnson
3). "Love Is Not A Fight"- Warren Barfield
4). "The Way You Smile"- NewSong & Francesca Battistelli
5). "My Dear"- Bethel Music
6). "Life Is Beautiful"- The Afters
7). "Closer"- Bethel Live
8). "Come Awaken Love"- Hunter G K Thompson
9). "For My Love"- Bethany Dillon
10). "My Only Love"- Matt Maher
11). "Love Will Be Enough For Us"- Brandon Heath
12). "God Gave Me You"- Dave Barnes
13). "Hundred More Years"- Francesca Battistelli
14). "Thank God I Got Her"- Jonny Diaz
15). "Love Is In The Air"- The Afters
16). "The Marriage Prayer"- John Waller
17). "I'll Wait For You"- Moriah Peters
18). "Bless The Broken Road"- Selah
19). "Happily Married"- Raymond Gregory
20). "Don't Mean A Thing"- GL ft. T'Juan
21). "You Never Let Me Down"- Marvin Winans


1). "Amor Inusual"- Tercer Cielo
2). "Bella"- Veinte Veinte
3). "Celebremos Hoy"- Tercer CIelo
4). "Bendita Mujercita"- Alex Campos
5). "Tu Poeta"- Alex Campos
6). "Un Viaje Largo"- Marcela Gandara
7). "Yo Te Amo"- Eunice Rodriguez
8). "Tu Mirada"- Quest Ft. Triple Seven
9). "Enamorados"- Tercer Cielo
10). "Tu Amor Es Un Sueno"- Tercer Cielo
11). "Te Extrano"- Daniel Calveti
12). "Te Amo Mas Que A Mi Misma Vida"- Rojo
13). "Sol Pido"- Fuego Liquido
14). "Sentirte En Mi Alma"- Tercer Cielo
15). "Mi Ultimo Dia"- Tercer Cielo
16). "Si No Estas Junto A Mi"- Tercer Cielo
17). "Regalo De Dios"- Tercer Cielo
18). "Mi Historia De Amor"- Daniel Calveti
19). "Mis Mejores Dias"- Deborah Pruneda
20). "El Uno Para El Otro"- Tercer Cielo
21). "Lindo Viaje"- Tercer Cielo
22). "Guia Nuestro Camino"- Marcela Gandara
23). "Entre Tu Y Yo"- Tercer Cielo
24). "Exagerado Amor"- Tercer Cielo
25). "Estare"- Tercer Cielo
26). "Contigo Quiero Caminar"- Marcela Gandara

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