Thursday, September 18, 2014

Change & Growth

I am officially 21 years old. My birthday was on September 13th and the Lord gave me the same gift He gives me every year: a rainstorm. I woke up at 6:00 AM to the sound of rain hitting my window. My family and my fiance and I had dinner and it was honestly a really nice day. I have so much gratitude in my heart and God is the number one reason. My life is in no way "perfect" but I've learned that our focus determines how we live. If we focus on having "the perfect life" we'll never truly be fulfilled because God sent us to this world with a mission and it wasn't to simply be happy and comfortable nor to strife for our own pleasure. Fulfillment and joy is in walking in what God has called us to. Only each of us knows what that thing is. The Word phrase that jumped out at me during my morning Bible read was, "run in such a way as to get the prize." Only I know my crown so only I will understand what my prize and run are all about and no one else. It's been quite a season of learning to hold firm to God's promises no matter what tried to make me let go and walk away. God gave me peace and joy during the storm and then at the end He gave me the ultimate letter of confirmation. This recent season was a huge faith season to the point where I truly had to believe the still small voice was His without proof to show those who criticized it. I thank God I went through it but I also thank God it's over. Will it get harder? Oh I'm so sure it will because the calling isn't a game. The Holy Spirit is training us to walk through the valleys of darkness and rescue those who are bound there and hidden behind prison walls. I'll never forget this season. But a new time is coming and it's here actually. This next season I feel like God is going to grow me. My roots will sink deeper and my flowers will bloom.  Change has not been an easy subject for me and I've gone through a lot of that lately...a lot. My fiance and I are helping to lift up a new church band at a local church and we're serving there right now (me vocals and him on the instruments). I've gotten to truly meet some of the church members and the pastors and honestly there's so much genuine love there to the point that I feel like if I'm seeing Jesus and his love face to face. I've never witnessed this and that's sad for me to say but it's true. These people open their home to the least of these and give more than what they have to help others. It's a beautiful sight. Daniel's living arrangements have changed so he lives a little farther and I'm about to start doing my practicum hours at The Family Church with Celebrate Recovery and hopefully with the church therapist. So many new things and new people are coming into my life and it's working for good. I'm staying prayed up and clinging to my morning Bible time because I know that I'm going to need a bigger anchor for the bigger boat that God is giving me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Youtube Series: Christ-Centered Relationships

Happy first day of September! I'm a little bias though because it is my birth month. Anyway...I'm really excited to share with you guys what preachings I've been listening to on-line. A week before I got engaged, I began to pray about marriage and for God to make me into the person that He wanted be to be. Like I said in my previous posts, the Lord told me to delight in Him so that I could let go of anxiety, worry, and frustration to experience His joy. I went on Youtube last week and stumbled upon Pastor Francis Chan and his wife Lisa Chan talking about what marriage truly looks like to God and the purpose that God has for it on earth. Let me be honest you guys...I love them. I mean, I felt like I had just eaten a full meal and felt satisfied. I didn't get to finish them all in one day so I broke the three videos into parts by watching at home, before class, or before bed. I knew God had intended for me to watch these videos all along to confirm what He's doing in my life. I was so moved by the Lord that I even ordered their book (which I'm leaving y'all a link to the best deal I could find), "You And Me Forever: Heaven In The Light of Eternity", that recently came out a few days after I watched their videos. I totally love these videos and the message that I know is on God's heart for His kids who are planning on getting married and who already are. You might watch these and think that they're meant for married couples but truly I tell you that if we as single gents and ladies prepare our minds for this before-hand, we will be walking in with God's beautiful vision for this. Hope y'all enjoy and feel free to comment. I myself am taking a a lot of notes for myself and also for some good Facebook posting. Have a good labor day!

Christ-Centered Relationships Series: Pastor Chan & Lisa Chan

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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